LSU Eunice 2020-2021 Strategic Planning


LSU Eunice Cascade Users

Why Strategic Planning

LSU Eunice has engaged in strategic planning to:

  1. Respond to the changing higher education landscape and the needs of LSU Eunice’s various stakeholders,
  2. Provide future direction for LSU Eunice using improved decision making based on strategic thought, and
  3. Improve institutional performance and effectiveness.

The Chancellor’s Cabinet and Extended Cabinet are currently leading the Strategic Planning process.


The purpose of this page is to provide LSU Eunice stakeholders information and to be transparent about the Strategic Planning Process currently underway. 

The LSU Eunice Community is welcome to offer opinions and suggestions by contacting Dr. Paul Fowler, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation at or 337-550-1433.


Updated on October 12, 2021.

  1. October 6, 2021:  Achieving the Dream's Capacity Cafe was held at 9 am and 1 pm to discuss the results of the Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT).
    1. Results:  The preliminary report
    2. Achieving the Dream's Dr. Laurie Fladd's presentation on the ICAT Summary.
    3. Participation:  All full-time and part-time faculty and staff were asked to attend if time permitted.
      1. Overall:  74 (32.7%) of the 226 full-time and part-time employees.
      2. Faculty:  40 (30.8%) of the 130 full-time and adjunct faculty.
      3. Staff:  34 (35.4%) of the 96 full-time and part-time staff.
  2. September 21 - October 1, 2021:  Full-time faculty and staff took part in Achieving the Dream's Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool (ICAT).
    1. ICAT Response Summary Results.
    2. ICAT Response Distribution Summary.
    3. Participation
      1. Overall:  126 (78.8%) of the 160 full-time employees.
      2. Staff:  58 (65.2%) of the 89 full-time staff.
      3. Faculty:  50 (70.4%) of the 71 full-time faculty.
      4. Administrators and other:  18.
  3. September 9, 2021:  Achieving the Dream report from the August 17, 2021 Sense-Making Meetings on Early Momentum Metrics.
  4. July 23, 2021:  Select members of LSU Eunice's Core Team responsible for data met virtually with the Achieving the Dream data coach to discuss focus groups on data and sense-making scheduled for August 17.
  5. July 20-21, 2021:  Members from SWIM Digital Media were on campus to conduct additional deep dives for strategic planning.
  6. July 14-15, 2021: Members of the LSU Eunice Core Team attended Achieving the Dream’s 2021 Summer Virtual Conference on Building Resiliency in Rural Communities for the Future of Work.
  7. June 24, 2021:  SWIM Digital Media presents their preliminary findings to the LSU Eunice Cabinet Members.
  8. June 10, 2021 (ongoing): Achieving the Dream Coaches are conducting monthly virtual meeting with LSU Eunice’s Core Team.
  9. June 7, 2021: Select members of LSU Eunice's Core Team responsible for data attended the Achieving the Dream and the Postsecondary Data Partnership’s Webinar on Data Informed Decision Making
  10. May 2021:  Meetings held with Student Affairs, Academic Deans, and Facilities Services on the use of the Cascade Strategic Planning Web-Platform.
  11. May 2021:  The Office of Information Technology worked with the Postsecondary Data Partnership to upload data to populate the dashboards.
  12. February 16-19, 2021: Members of LSU Eunice's Core Team attended Achieving the Dream’s Dream 2021 Annual Convening held virtually.
  13. April 23, 2021:  Updated Cascade Videos posted due to system upgrade.
    1. Cascade Video 1 Update:  Login (3:03)
    2. Cascade Video 2 Update:  Creating a Departmental Objective (6:25)
    3. Cascade Video 3 Update:  Creating a Key Performance Indicator (5:19)
    4. Cascade Video 4 Update:  Creating a Strategy (5:33)
  14. March 29-30, 2021:  SWIM Digital Group on campus for SWOT analysis and deep dives
  15. March 24, 2021:  Facility Services personnel examined and were asked to provide input on the progress to date.
  16. March 17, 2021:  Student Government Association examined and was asked to provide input on the progress to date.
  17. March 12, 2021:  Student Affairs personnel examined and were asked to offer input on the progress to date.
  18. March 9, 2021:  The Chancellor's Cabinet revised the draft language on the Strategic Goals and Campus Goal 2-B. Examples of Early Momentum Metrics (objectives) were incorporated into the document.
  19. March 4, 2021:  Business Office Personnel examined and offered input on the progress to date.
  20. March 3, 2021:  Staff Senate examined and offered input on the progress to date.
  21. March 2, 2021:  The Chancellor's Cabinet revised the draft mission and vision. Cabinet also worked with the SWIM Digital Group to create a list of Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis based on the following areas:
    1. College Identity
    2. Human Resources and Retention
    3. Academic Offerings
    4. Student Resources
    5. Success Preparation
    6. Student Experience
  22. March 1, 2021:  Faculty Senate examined and offered input on the progress to date.
  23. February 25, 2021:  Academic Council examined and offered input on the progress to date (updated document).
  24. February 25, 2021:  Training videos created and placed in Microsoft Stream.
    1. Cascade Video 1:  Logging in and the Home Page (2:53)
    2. Cascade Video 2:  Creating an Objective (4:57)
    3. Cascade Video 3:  Creating a Key Performance Indicator (5:26)
    4. Cascade Video 4:  Creating a Strategy (5:05)
    5. Cascade Video 5:  Be Careful of Dates (1:53)
  25. February 12, 2021:  Guide to inviting and training additional members of each individual department's team.
  26. February 12, 2021:  Template in Word to begin developing the departmental strategic objectives.
  27. February 12, 2021:  Link to February 9, 2021 Cascade slides and the meeting recording (contact Paul Fowler via email for the password).
  28. Planned for February 9, 2021:  Decide final Cascade Strategic Planning Structure relating to goals and objectives.
  29. January 29, 2021:  LSU Eunice Implementation Slides from Cascade.
  30. Strategic Planning Members Training:  Please read examine Adding Goals in Cascade. Note that this is a duplicate of the video and is meant as a refresher.
  31. Strategic Planning Members Training:  Cascade video - Build a Strategic Plan in Cascade - prior to the February 9, 2021 meeting.
  32. January - February 2021:  Cascade System Design negotiated and implemented.
  33. January 2021: Users established in Cascade Planning System and formatting completed.
  34. October 20, 2020: LSU Eunice Values Drafted.
  35. April 20, 2020: LSU Eunice Vision and Mission Drafted.

Members of the Strategic Planning Team

Nancee Sorenson, Chancellor John Hamlin, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Kyle Smith, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Amy Greagoff, Interim Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Michael Alleman, Interim Dean, Division of Liberal Arts Brandon Borill, Interim Dean, Division of Sciences and Mathematics
Dotty McDonald, Dean, Division of Health Sciences, Business, Technology, and Public Protection and Safety Jeff Willis, Director of Athletics
Paul Fowler, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Stephen Heyward, Director of Information Technology
Michael Broussard, Director of Facilities Services & Safety Coordinator Cory Lalonde, Director of Police
Travis Webb, Interim Director of Public Affairs Carey Lawson, Director of University Advancement
Sondra Cormier, Director of the LSUE Academy Cassie Jobe-Ganucheau, Director of the Library
Katherine Tucker, Manager of Human Resources Lacye Hamilton, Director of Workforce Innovation & Continuing Education
Jackie Lachapelle, Director of Financial Aid Joseph Cilano, Director of Grants
Angela Greaud, Faculty Senate Jase McDonald, Student Government Association President
Renee Robichaux, Professor of Biology Courtney Fruge, Administrative Assistant to the Chancellor
Donnie Thibodeaux, Registrar