Institutional Research:

We serve LSUE by providing federal, state, and ad hoc reporting for internal and external stakeholders. As a unit within the Office of Information Technology we are dedicated to providing accurate, consistent, and unbiased data in a timely manner. We provide services related to federal, state, and ad hoc reporting, assessment surveys, student evaluation of instruction, IR Website development, institutional factbook, and provide staff representation on various committees as required.

Institutional Research should:

  • Provide expertise in research, assessment, data analysis, and interpretation
  • Capture the voices of students, faculty, staff, and alumni to understand their experiences and perspectives
  • Actively integrate data into campus initiatives and priorities
  • Communicate reliable data in a meaningful way to educate others and accurately depict the university story
  • Oversee reporting of institutional data to external entities
  • Monitor and communicate institutional performance through benchmarking and comparative and trend analyses
  • Foresee trends and issues in higher education and proactively engage with the university community on these matters


The purpose of Institutional Research is to support and advance data-informed decision making so that LSUE can continue to improve as an institution and achieve its goals as a university of distinction.

Adobe Reader is required to open many of the reports on this Website. Supported Web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.


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