Academy and Dual Enrollment
Academy and Dual Enrollment

What is LSUE Academy?

The LSUE Academy is an innovative approach to secondary education that enables high school students to potentially earn an associate degree while earning their high school diploma by taking dual enrollment courses. Academy students will take dual enrollment courses that will simultaneously earn them credit towards their high school diploma and fulfill course requirements for a chosen degree path. To be a part of the Academy, students should:

• Begin coursework as a high school junior

• Be a full-time student based on credit hours they are carrying for a minimum of four semesters

• Declare a major and follow that degree plan


What Is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment allows high school students to take college courses and receive college credit while in high school.

The college credits can be used simultaneously for a high school diploma and a college degree.


Academy and DE Benefits

• Save money. LSUE offers DE courses at a lower rate than regular admission students pay.

• Earn college credit that is transferrable to all Louisiana public colleges and universities, and other private and out of state colleges and universities.

• Explore potential college majors.

• Learn more about the college experience.

• Grades earned become a permanent part of the student's high school and college transcript.

• Enriches college and scholarship applications.

• Students gain confidence in their ability to succeed in college.

Academy and Dual enrollment Course Options

High School Campus with a qualified teacher

LSUE Online

LSUE Campus


Contact Information

Director of Academy

Fax: 337-550-1393

LSU Eunice
PO Box 1129
Eunice, LA 70535