ACCUPLACER Testing and Retesting

ACCUPLACER tests help colleges make accurate course placement decisions and set students up for success.

Student Resources

  • Students are encouraged to study prior to taking the placement assessment. ACCUPLACER provides free resources and a free Web-Based Study App. Both are available on the ACCUPLACER Student Preparation Web Page free of charge.  Choose the Next-Generation Sample Questions in Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (Math), Reading, and Writing (English).
  • LSU Eunice resources:

Related Testing Information for the ACCUPLACER

  • Students may NOT bring a calculator for the mathematics assessment. A pop up calculator is available within the mathematics assessment for select questions only.
  • A waiting period of 24 hours is required prior to a retest in the same subject.
  • Assessment scores are valid for five years from the date of assessment.
  • Continuing LSU Eunice students or transfer students that have, within the last 10 years, attempted an English composition, mathematics, or reading course that appears on their transcripts are not eligible to take the ACCUPLACER Assessment for the purpose of skipping a course of the same subject. In this case, students will be placed in the appropriate courses based on previous course success.  Scores will be invalidated if you are found ineligible for the ACCUPLACER Assessment and fees will be forfeited.
  • Upon the conclusion of the assessment, students are given a paper copy of their scores.
  • Remote testing is available with a voucher. Contact the Testing Center for more information about remote options.