Testing Center Policies and Procedures

  • To keep your test secure and to maintain confidentiality, the Testing Center has procedures and policies that regulate your behavior in the Testing Center. Any student who takes a test in the Testing Center — whether or not he or she is a LSU Eunice student — must comply with these regulations. Failure to do so may mean that you are ineligible to take your exam, or may lead to harsher academic penalties.
  • Testing Center computers are monitored electronically.
  • Students are required to arrive at the Testing Center 15 minutes before their scheduled appointments.  Students who arrive late may be required to reschedule and a rescheduling fee will be assessed.
  • A valid physical photo ID is required to test. Phones and pictures of IDs are NOT allowed. Please see detailed instructions for specific exams within the registration portal as ID requirements may vary between exams.
  • Students are encouraged to bring only the items required for testing.  All personal items must be stored in available lockers. 
  • Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off and may not be brought into the Testing Center. 
  • We are not responsible for items left unattended or in lockers.
  • Anyone taking an exam in the Testing Center must demonstrate responsible academic conduct. Those taking exams are expected to always follow the examination’s regulations and the instructions of Testing Center staff.
  • Paper tests, scratch paper, and writing implements must be turned in to the proctor before you exit the Testing Center.
  • Students from other universities are responsible for communicating with their institution and making arrangements to have their exam proctored at LSU Eunice.
  • Children are not allowed in the Testing Center and may not be left unattended outside the Testing Center or any other area of the college.
  • Break policy varies depending on the type of exam a student is taking.  Students taking a written exam are prohibited from leaving the Testing Center once the test has been started.  Students taking the Placement Test may take a break in between tests.

Not Allowed in Testing Center

The following items are NOT permitted in the Testing Center:

  • Food, beverages, gum, water bottles
  • Hats, caps and other headgear, with the exception of headgear worn for religious reasons
  • Carried-in clothing
  • Writing implements, notes, books
  • Cell phones and electronic devices, including flash drives and fitness tracking devices
  • Watches
  • Bags, backpacks, purses

Prohibited Behavior

Test-takers may NOT:

  • Give or receive unauthorized assistance of any kind
  • Use any aids (including books, notes, calculators, computers and websites) that are not authorized in writing by the instructor
  • Attempt to take an examination for someone else
  • Cause any kind of disturbance in the Testing Center
  • Remove or attempt to remove questions, responses, notes or scratch paper from the Testing Center
  • Share notes or calculators with other test-takers
  • Tamper with the operation of the testing computer, or attempt to use it for any function other than taking the exam
  • Talk in the testing area

What Happens if I violate a Testing Center Policy?

Any violation of our policies will result in your immediate dismissal from the Testing Center. If you engage in misconduct, you may not only be dismissed from the Testing Center, but may face a failing grade on your exam and further disciplinary action, including (but not limited to) suspension of Testing Center privileges.