Pathways to Success

Using the best practices in developmental education as defined by the National Center for Developmental Education, the Pathways to Success program exists to provide a holistic approach to developmental education so that LSU Eunice may better assist underprepared students in the achievement of their educational and personal goals.

In working to maintain an effective developmental education program, Pathways to Success will provide students the necessary support for the successful completion of their college level English and mathematics courses.

Who is enrolled in Pathways to Success?

New students who want to attend classes on campus who score a composite score of 15 or below on the ACT or who do not have any ACT score are automatically enrolled in the Pathways to Success program.  At the time you are advised and registered for your first semester of classes, your Academic Advisor will explain the Pathways to Success program in great detail, and you will sign a contract, stating that you agree to follow the curriculum and policies until you successfully complete the program.

How do I complete the Pathways to Success program?

Students who successfully pass or test out of UNIV1005, UNIV0008, ENGL0001, MATH0001, & MATH0015/0021 will be marked as "Pathways Complete."

What policies do I need to be aware of as a student in Pathways to Success?

You need to be most aware of the attendance requirement and the tutoring referral requirement.  Also, be aware that students attending classes on campus cannot take online classes.  See the "Requirements" page below for more information.  To view the full terms of the contract that you sign with your Academic Advisor, view the Contract PDF under