Instructional Locations

As required by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, LSU Eunice “publishes the locations and programs available at…off-campus instructional locations…at which students can enroll for a degree, along a description of the programs and services available at each location.”  The table below indicates LSU Eunice’s off-site locations where 50% or more of a degree is offered.  For each program listed, the table below indicates the locations where the entire program is located subject to the footnotes.

Louisiana State University at Eunice Program Location Table Updated February 26, 2024

Name of Degree or Certificate
(See the Associate Degrees and Certificate Programs link on the
LSU Eunice Catalog Home Page)

Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) Code

LSU Eunice

Eunice, LA

LSU Alexandria

Alexandria, LA



Ochsner Lafayette General Orthopedic Hospital

Lafayette, LA

Accounting Technology: Account Clerk Certificate of Technical Studies 52.0302 X   X  
Administrative Technology Specialist Certificate of Technical Studies 52.0407     X  
Agriculture, AS 01.0000 X   X  
Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer 24.0199 X X1 X1  
Associate of General Studies 24.0102 X X X  
Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer 24.0199 X X1 X1   
Care and Development of Young Children, AS 19.0709 X   X  
Certificate of General Studies 24.0102 X   X  
Chemical Technology Certificate of Technical Studies 41.0301 X      
Computer Information Technology, AAS 11.0301 X      
Criminal Justice, AS 43.0107     X  
Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Abdomen & OB/GYN), AAS 51.0910 X      
Fire and Emergency Services, AAS 43.0203     X  
Fire Service Technology Certificate of Technical Studies 43.0201     X  
Health Sciences, AS 51.0000 X   X  
Human Resources Management Certificate of Technical Studies 52.1001     X  
Management, AAS 52.0201 X   X  
Medical Billing and Coding Certificate of Technical Studies 51.0713     X  
Nursing, ASN 51.3801 X2     X4
Radiologic Technology, AS 51.0911 X2      
Respiratory Care, AS 51.0908 X2      
Surgical Technology, AAS 51.0909 X3     X4


  1. The actual concentrations within the AALT and ASLT may be limited by course offerings.  Students are encouraged to contact an academic advisor for assistance as some online courses may need to be taken to complete a specific concentration.
  2. All coursework includes prerequisites along with lecture, laboratory, and clinical courses upon being selected in the program.
  3. Prerequisite coursework offered meaning all courses needed for selection into the program.
  4. Only lecture, laboratory, and clinical courses for students selected into the program are offered at this location.  Prerequisite work is not offered.

The services below are available to all eligible students as required at all sites.

Services Available:

Initial Assessment and Testing:  Placement testing using ACCUPLACER. Students should see the LSU Eunice Testing Center's Website for more information.

Academic Advising:  Students with 24 or less semester hours complete are assigned to advisors in the LeDoux Library Student Success Center.  Students with 25 or more hours complete are assigned to division faculty for advising.  Dual enrollment students, including online only and LSUE Academy students, are assigned to an academic advisor in the Office of Dual Enrollment in Manual Hall Room 102E.

The LeDoux Library Student Success Center: Located in the LeDoux Library first floor, the Commons offers academic advising, tutoring, disability services, and career services.

Financial Aid: All services are available as required to meet student need based on eligibility.  See the financial aid website for further information.

New Student Orientation:  New students are required to attend an orientation to LSU Eunice.  The orientation covers a wide variety of information and services available to students.  See the orientation website for further information.

Student Counseling Confidential referrals are available for all students at all sites needing services.  See the counseling website for further information

Veterans Affairs:  The Office of Veterans Affairs provides information and guidance for veterans and eligible dependents of deceased or disabled veterans who wish to enroll in the University.  See the Veterans Affairs Website for more information.

Student Activities and Organizations Student Affairs works directly with student organizations and groups to organize and sponsor events that expand opportunities for students to engage in activities that stimulate student intellectual, social, cultural, recreational, and personal growth and development. Student activity programs are developed primarily by the LSUE Campus Activities Board (CAB). A variety of events through the year are held on campus and all allow students to enter or participate free with a current I.D.  All students, even online or those at an off-site location may participate. (see the Campus Activities Board or the Student Organizations Websites for more information).

Title IX The Title IX Coordinator and AA/EEO Officer provides faculty, staff, and students who have encountered sexual misconduct with reporting information, resources, and support as well as training for all students and employees on sexual violence awareness.  Confidential advisors are also available for faculty, staff, and students who wish to speak with someone and obtain resources and support, but do not wish to pursue an investigation.  See the Title IX website for more information.