New Employee Technology Overview

The following is an overview of some of the technology available and frequently utilized by employees of LSUE along with other related items.  For more detailed information on an item, please contact OIT.

Faculty and Staff Bengal Accounts are created upon hire by the University. The Bengal Account is utilized to access most all systems and/or services on campus including accessing your computer, myLSUE, myCourses, the campus wireless network, email, the Microsoft Office 365 environment, etc... 

LSUE faculty and staff email is hosted within the cloud and Microsoft Office 365.  Faculty and Staff accounts are created upon hire by the University.  You can login with your email address and your Bengal Account credentials.

MyLSUE is a web-based information portal that allows LSUE students, faculty, and staff to use a single interface to access a variety of services. The access to the portal is available from any Internet-connected computer.

You can access myLSUE by simply navigating to the University website at and choosing myLSUE at top.

Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) - a software package designed to help educators easily create quality online courses.  myCourses is LSUE's version of Moodle.  myCourses is the online platform that hosts all of the courses and their content, including syllabi, assignments, grades, instructor contact information, forums, and more.

For additional information, visit the myCourses/Moodle Overview page.

The purpose of the LSUE website is to provide a medium for access to accurate and timely information regarding the campus community.  Departments are encouraged to publish on the website. Web publishing is available through the campus web content management system.

The address of the University website is

Office 365 is available for all current LSUE students, faculty, and staff. With Office 365, you have access to web-based versions of Word, Excel, and other Office products. OneDrive and Teams are also included for all faculty and staff for individual and/or team data storage and collaboration.  In addition, faculty and staff have access to a free download of Office. 

For additional information, visit the LSUE Office 365 Overview page.

The campus wireless network is available for all students, faculty, and staff to utilize.  To access the wireless network, you will need to login with your LSUE Bengal Account credentials.  Access for guests is limited for security purposes.  Contact OIT for information on accessing the guest wireless network.

For connection and additional information, visit the Campus Wireless Network Overview page.

OIT is responsible for the design and maintenance of the LSUE campus phone system.  The standard dial tone offering for faculty and staff is the Cisco IP Phone 7841 voice over internet protocol (VoIP) set. 

For additional information, visit the Campus Phone System Overview page.

Zoom is the primary campus enterprise conferencing solution for faculty and staff.  Zoom provides an easy, reliable, cloud platform for audio and video conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, and telephones.  

For additional information, visit the Zoom Conferencing Services Overview page.

Panopto is the campus video platform solution utilized by faculty.  Panopto includes software for recording and live streaming video, a portal for storing and managing your videos, a search engine for finding content inside your videos, and interactive video players. 

For additional information, visit the Panopto Lecture Capture Overview page.

The campus computer labs are resources for all LSUE students and classes when necessary. The computers contain standard software, like Microsoft Office as well as discipline-specific software requested by faculty.

For additional information including hours of operation, visit the Campus Labs Overview page.

Most student system functions will be carried out within the student information system (SIS) ERP solution.  Access to functions within the system will depend upon your role and specific job duties at LSUE. Your supervisor will have more information as to what access will be needed.

Workday is LSUE’s administrative system for financial, payroll and human resources processes. Access to Workday is managed through LSU's systems, but LSUE OIT can assist with your access when needed.  For assistance around access, contact OIT as needed.

IT Security helps to protect University systems, services, and data against unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, damage, or loss by utilizing security policy, processes, technologies, and awareness to provide a secure IT environment that supports the University's mission of education and community outreach. 

LSUE has a security awareness partner to assist in providing an advanced Security Awareness Program to all faculty and staff.  The security awareness program helps our organization by offering many training and testing tools in an effort to assist employees in making smarter security decisions, every day.  All new employees are required to complete IT Security Awareness Training.  Further information will be provided by OIT as employees come aboard.

For additional information, visit the IT Security website.


Computing policy statements represent policies of Louisiana State University Eunice. They are subordinate to policies of the University System issued as Permanent Memoranda to the By-Laws and Regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors to state and federal regulations and statutes.

For additional information, visit the IT Policies Overview page.

Faculty and staff at LSUE have access to Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost for home use. 

For more information on Microsoft Office, visit the For additional information, visit the Office 365 Overview page.  For more information on Adobe Creative Cloud, visit the Adobe Creative Cloud Overview page. 

An overview of other technology and services available for faculty and staff can be found on the Available Software Overview page.  Further information can be found throughout the Technology section of the website.