Panopto Lecture Capture

Panopto is a video platform which includes software for recording and live streaming video, a portal for storing and managing your videos, a search engine for finding content inside your videos, and interactive video players. Panopto is a great resource for recording lectures and supplemental video tutorials to improve student learning in and outside of the classroom, and is available to active LSUE faculty and staff.

Getting Started

Panopto is available to both LSUE faculty and staff through Moodle/myCourses.

Moodle / myCourses users will be able to take advantage of the tight integration provided by the Panopto Moodle/myCourses Block, which provides direct delivery of recordings to your courseeasy access to managing your videos, and easy management of viewers. For instructors, please visit the Panopto Training course within Moodle/myCourses.  If you would like access to this training course, please contact OIT.


In addition to the Panopto Training course within Moodle / myCourses, Panopto offers a large offering of online video tutorials and support articles located here: