Online Access for Students, Faculty, and Staff

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NOTE: Despite the disclaimer "This title is not held locally," if a HTML or PDF Full Text link to an article is shown, you can access that source by clicking on the full-text link.

The LeDoux Library has access to many electronic resources online, from journal articles to full-text books. These are divided into four categories below: indexes and databases of journal articles; electronic reference books; e-books; and other resources. Which category you use depends on the type of source or information you need: journal articles for specific and current materials used in academic work; reference books for overviews and summaries; books usually focus on a single subject in depth. Magazines are not usually used in academic research; they contain a lot of advertising and are intended for general readers.

Access from Campus

Access is automatic from any campus computer through the LSU Eunice website. Computer labs are located in Acadian Center, LeDoux Library, Manuel Hall, Continuing Education, Science, and Nursing buildings. Faculty and staff may access the library from their office computers as well.

Personal Computer or Off-Campus Access

To use these resources on a personal computer or off campus, students use their LSU Eunice student ID number and their myLSUE password. Faculty and staff use their LSU Eunice email ID (not the full address with "") and password.


LAST UPDATED April 3, 2013