Admissions Frequently Asked Questions   

Considering LSUE?

Campus tours are set up through our Enrollment Management department. For more information, you can contact them at 337-550-1218.

You can visit to see a list of the degrees and programs we offer.

Criminal Justice, Fire & Emergency Services, General Studies, LA Transfer - Humanities, LA Transfer - Social Sciences, and Medical Coding & Billing

Non-pathways students or CALL students are the only ones who can take online classes. If you have never attended a college or do not have current (less than 5 years old) ACT scores, you will be placed in Pathways which will make you ineligible to take online classes until you complete the pathways program.

When you meet with your advisor, you will tell them the school you are wanting to transfer to and they will be able to check the articulation matrix here to determine which classes will transfer.

You can contact Ms. Polly Boersig at 318-767-2608.                   

You will need to fill out an application and select VISITING STUDENT. Please note that you will need to request official transcripts from any previously attended colleges in order to complete your admissions file. Failure to do so will result in a hold being placed on your account which will prevent you from obtaining your transcript here.

You will need to get special permission from both schools to be enrolled concurrently. The special permissions must be approved before you can begin any classes.

On our property, we have Bengal Village Apartments. For more information regarding housing, you can contact Stephen Howard at 337-550-7800.

To view requirements and to apply for a scholarship, visit

New Student?

Click  and fill out the online application for admissions. You will then need to pay the $25 application fee before your application will be processed. If you do not have a credit card or pay pal, you can contact the business office 337-550-1262 to make payment arrangements.

You will need to go to and select LSUA as your campus.

There will be no application fee, this $25 enrollment fee will now be included on students course and fee statement when an applicant registers for courses.

Your application will be processed and you should expect to get a letter in the mail in 5-10 business days. This letter will contain a username and password and instructions on how to log on to your myLSUE. You will also need to set up your university e-mail account because from this point forward, you will only receive your mail through this account.

No, the only time you need to reapply is if you have sat out a Fall or Spring semester. Before you reapply, we suggest you call the Admissions office 337-550-1329 to find out if you need to reapply.

You will log on to your myLSUE and anything you are missing will be listed there under the Admissions Information tab. Please make sure you are viewing the correct semester.

The student can contact our OIT 337-550-1307 to retrieve the lost information OR The student can come to the Admissions office with a pictured I.D. to get a duplicate acceptance letter if he/she has applied for a future semester that has not yet begun.

Enrollment Management - they are located in the Acadian Center at the Geaux Center. The phone number is 337-550-1218. Their fax number is 337-550-1266.

We receive high school transcripts for students who recently graduated from an accredited Louisiana high school electronically typically in a batch around mid-June. If by July 1st, it still is showing that we did not receive your high school transcript; you can contact admissions at 337-550-1305 to find out your next step.

You will need to contact that school and have them send a letter on their official letterhead paper stating that you have no record there.

It is a program designed to help students succeed in their remedial classes. Students who score below a 15 or below on their ACT, students who have ACT scores older than 5 years, or no ACT scores will be placed in the Pathways to Success Program. You can learn more about the program by clicking here.

If an orientation is required, you will need to attend an orientation before you can schedule classes.

If an orientation is NOT required, you will need to meet with your advisor to schedule your classes.

Students can log on to their myLSUE and click the link stating “Register for Orientation Here”. You can also access the link through our website There is a $30 orientation fee that must be paid in order for the student to be able to check-in at orientation.

You can contact our Business Office 337-550-1262 to make payment arrangements.

You will need to fill out the Change of Major Form. Once these changes have been made, you will have to meet with your new advisor to reschedule classes.

When you log on to your myLSUE, on your home screen you will see a section called Advising Information. All of your advisor’s information will be listed there.

You can contact your Division Head. Your division head information is also listed under the Advising Information in myLSUE.

Always call your advisor or the division of study before you take off of work or drive out to come to our campus only to find out that your advisor is teaching or will not be available on campus. Advisors have office hours that are available for students, if you are unsure of your advisor’s office hours it is always best to e-mail them and ask.

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year to determine your eligibility. 

Financial aid is the only office on campus that can answer questions regarding your financial aid. They can be reached at 337-550-1282.

Online through the Pay Fees tab of your mylsue. Over the phone at 337-550-1262. Or in-person at the Business Office with cash, a credit/debit card, a money order, or a check.

All payments must be made through LSUE. You can contact our Business Office at 337-550-1262 for information on how to make payment arrangements.

If this is the first time that you logged into myCourses, your classes will not be loaded until the next morning.

On the homepage of your mylsue account, there is a link labeled “Buy My Books.” Required textbooks are also listed on It is common for students to wait until the first week of class to purchase their books.

Current Student?

This link will take you the page to request a transcript. Follow the instructions from there on how to request a transcript. It will give you steps on different ways you can request it.

No, you must have made a “D” or below to be allowed to repeat a course.

*** There are exceptions to this rule for certain divisions. If you are unsure, check with your advisor.

Students must state their intent to graduate by completing an Application for Degree/Certificate that is located online

You can also get it in the Division Office of the department you are graduating from or your Advisor no later than the registration period for the academic session in which they expect to complete degree requirements.  If you know you are going to graduate, do not be afraid to submit the application before the registration period of the semester you are going to graduate. 

You will need to take the completed form to the business office and pay the $20 fee. The business office will then forward the application to the Registrar’s office. It will then be processed and sent to the appropriate Division head for a degree audit. Finally, the student will be notified by mail in regards to whether they have completed all the necessary requirements to graduate.

 You will still have to register for degree only with your advisor and pay $5 fee in the business office to keep you active in the system.