Transfer Degrees

What Are Louisiana Transfer Degrees?

The Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer (AA/LT) and Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer (AS/LT) are designed to provide students with an opportunity to complete the first 60 hours of work toward a baccalaureate degree at a two-year or community college. In the AA/LT degree program, students can choose a focus in business, humanities, social sciences, or arts. Students pursuing the AS/LT degree can choose a curriculum in either the biological or physical sciences. Upon deciding on a prospective major, it is important that students do some research and seek advice from their faculty advisor about what the program's prerequisite courses are so that they may be completed as a part of the AA/LT or AS/LT degrees.

The Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree guarantees (with grade requirement met):

  • Admission to a 4-year public university
  • Junior-level standing
  • Transfer of all 60 hours
  • Completion of General Education block requirements at any Louisiana public university
  • Equal opportunity to compete against ‘native' students for admission to limited access programs.

The Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree does not guarantee:

  • Admission to every university or degree program: student must meet institutional or degree program admission requirements (e.g., GPA, specific course completions, etc)
  • That the courses taken for the transfer degree will meet specified course requirements of the major

Advantages of an LSUE Associate Degree

Receiving an LSUE associate degree offers several advantages:

  • When you complete your undergraduate program, you will have two degrees instead of one, providing additional evidence of your attainments.
  • Your associate degree will be official recognition that you have completed a college-level undergraduate program. If for some reason you have to delay finishing your bachelor’s degree, you will already have a college diploma as proof of your educational achievements.
  • As an LSU Eunice student, you will receive strong preparation at a college where teaching excellence is the top priority
  • You will be able to pursue your associate degree while staying on track with the requirements of the bachelor’s degree program at the transfer institution.


Transfer Programs

fine art

Fine Arts
(Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer)

You want to learn more about your craft and the works of great artists.


(Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer)

You want to study or teach subjects like English literature or history.


social sciences

Social Sciences
(Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer)

You are intrigued by human nature and how we react to our circumstances and surroundings. 


Business AA / LT
(Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer)

You are interested in a variety of business fields such as accounting, finance, or management. 

criminal justice

Criminal Justice AA / LT
(Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer)

You are fascinated by crime and the criminal justice system. 


Mass Communication AA / LT
(Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer)

You like public speaking and performance, and you feel at your best when debating an argument.

physical science

Natural Sciences - Physical Sciences
(Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer)

You are curious about the structure of the universe on a fundamental level.


College and University Visits

Make your transfer dreams a reality. Colleges and universities frequently visit LSUE to meet with students and help ease the transfer process, some even offer one-on-one appointments so be sure to watch for this communication during the semester.

Contact Information on Campus

Chief Articulation Officer and Transfer Liaison
Dr. John Hamlin • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs • Manuel Hall 102 • 337-550-1233 •

Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer Contact
Dr. John Hamlin • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs • Manuel Hall 102 • 337-550-1233 •

Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer Contact
Dr. Douglas J. Narby • Head, Division of Liberal Arts •  Manuel Hall 147 • 337-550-1308 •

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