Mass Communication

Mass Communication

The Associate of Arts - Louisiana Transfer in Mass Communication introduces students to a variety of methods and forms of communication from news reporting to internal communication within an organization. The program also provides a great basis for students who would like to transfer to a bachelor program at another university. 

Advisors, and the university catalogs and links on the articulation web site (Louisiana Transfer Degrees) can provide more guidance on specific course recommendations depending on the student’s area of interest and anticipated baccalaureate major.



Academic Area

Liberal Arts

Manuel Hall 147



The courses and degree are available both in-person and hybrid formats. 

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About the Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer in Mass Communication

What You'll Accomplish

Through your coursework, you will:

  • Earn an Associate of Arts degree with a significant general education core, designed to also to serve as preparatory education for transfer to a related baccalaureate program
  • Take a variety of general education and major-specific courses as part of the Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer degree program
  • Begin and complete a post-secondary education through online and hybrid degree courses, accelerated learning formats, and prior learning assessments
  • Develop your knowledge and skills relevant to the field of communication

LA Transfer Guarantees

In summary, the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree guarantees (with grade requirement met):

  • Admission to a 4-year public university
  • Junior-level standing
  • Transfer of all 60 hours
  • Completion of General Education block requirements at any Louisiana public university
  • Equal opportunity to complete against ‘native’ students for admission to limited access programs

Degree Requirements - 60 Total Required Credits

For additional detailed information on coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog Curriculum.

Total Credits Required: 60

  • General Education Courses: 39
  • Additional Courses: 21

Major Courses

CMST 2010 - Interpersonal Communications

Lec. 3; Cr. 3

Theories and research in human communication; one-to-one interactions.


CMST 2060 Public Speaking - Lec. 3; Cr. 3

Theory and skills needed by the effective communicator and critical consumer of speech in contemporary society; analysis of other speakers and practice in speaking.

Lec. 3; Cr. 3

Beginning writing course for mass communication. Introduces skills associated with writing, grammar, style, and information gathering for mass media.

Prerequisite(s): Must have earned a “C” or better in ENGL 1001 and ENGL 1002.

Lec. 3; Cr. 3

The mass communication process within American society; development, structure, function, and cultural impact of the mass media.

Choose from a variety

For additional information on coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog Curriculum.

  • English Composition (6 hours)
  • Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning (6 hours)
  • Natural Sciences (9 hours)
  • Humanities (9 hours)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (6 hours)
  • Fine Arts (3 hours)

Job Market Outlook 

Use this employment data from across the country to help inform your decision making.  The default location is Louisiana, but adjust the location as you like.