Financial Aid Appeals

If you have been notified by the Office of Financial Aid that you have been denied financial aid because you did not meet the university’s Standards of Academic Progress you have the right to file an appeal.

The appeal must be in writing on a Financial Aid Appeal Form. The appeal is to be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services prior to the appeal deadline listed on the appeal form.

Appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee in the order in which they were received. You will get written notification of the committee’s decision within 30 days of the submission of your appeal. All decisions from the committee are final.

If your appeal is approved, you will receive a contract for an Academic Plan. You will need to sign the contract and return it to the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services. At that time, the Financial Aid Office will then be notified that your appeal has been approved.

If you appeal is not approved, if additional documentation is required, or if a personal appointment is required, you will be notified by mail.


financial Aid appeals form