Password Assistance

LSUE has collaborated with Microsoft to utilize the Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) utility for students, faculty, and staff.  After registration for SSPR, users are able to reset or change their LSUE Bengal Account password utilized by many LSUE services without having to contact OIT. 

The same LSUE Bengal Account credentials work for access to most all services except for student Gmail accounts. To change a student Gmail password, login to myLSUE, click the Email tab, and follow the instructions.

When setting a new password for your Bengal Account, do remember that it must be at least 8 characters and you must utilize at least 3 of the following criteria:

  • Uppercase character(s)
  • Lowercase character(s)
  • Number(s)
  • Special character (!, $, #, %, etc…)
  • Do not use part of your name

Finally, you are only allowed to reset your Bengal Account password once within a 24-hour window. 

Don't can get locked out when you change your password without updating it on all mobile devices that store passwords for automatic login on certain applications such as the campus wireless network.  If you change your password and then do not change your campus wireless connection login information on your mobile phone for example, your phone may lock you out of your Bengal Account by trying to reconnect automatically once you are on campus.  Lockout freezes your account after too many failed attempts. 

Forgot your password

   Forgot your Bengal Account password and need to reset it? 

   * Reminder: To change your student Gmail password, login to myLSUE, click the Email tab, and follow the instructions. 

First time activation

   Are you a new student and need to register for SSPR and activate your Bengal Account? 

Update known password

   Do you know your password, but it has expired or you would like to set it to a new value?

Update phone number

   Getting a new phone number or need to update one to use for SSPR?


Need Further Password Assistance?

For technical issues, please contact the OIT Service Desk: