Student Technology Activation

Preparing for LSUE

Please activate your LSUE student accounts outlined below as soon as possible. Each of these accounts will be used to access certain services available for students.  These services include your LSUE student email, myLSUE, myCourses, the campus wireless network, lab computers available throughout campus, the Microsoft 365 student environment, the library Online Database/EZProxy, and many others!

Step 1: Activate your LSUE Bengal Account and Registering for Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

Your LSUE Bengal Account is what LSUE students utilize to connect to most services throughout campus.  Your LSUE Bengal Account will allow you to access myLSUE, myCourses, the campus wireless network, campus lab computers, Microsoft Office 365, the library Online Database/EZProxy system, etc...

Steps to activate your LSUE Bengal Account:

  1. From your Internet browser, go to the new student activation page located here: Activate my LSUE Bengal Account
  2. Enter your LSUE Email address from your LSUE Admissions Decision Letter and click Next
  3. Enter the password from yourLSUE Admissions Decision Letter and click Sign In
  4. You will then be prompted to provide more information to register for the "self-service password reset" feature, which will allow you to manage your LSUE Bengal Account credentials.  Once you provide this information, you can close out the session.  We do encourage you to utlize a mobile phone number when possible.  

Your LSUE Bengal Account requires a password reset every 180 days. 

Step 2: Access your LSUE e-mail

LSUE student email is hosted through Google with Gmail.  A student's email account is the primary way all offices on campus will notify you of any changes to your academic or financial status. This account also serves as your signature when requesting to make changes to your account. Be sure to check it daily (you can even have your e-mails pushed to your smart phone)!

To set your initial email password, you first need to login to myLSUE and then click on the Email tab.  From there, click the “Reset Password” link underneath the Gmail icon to set your initial password value.  

Do not use your LSUE student email account for personal use.  Student email accounts are removed at some point after your academic time with LSUE is finished.

Logging into your e-mail account for the first time:

  1. Navigate to: and click the myLSUE account at the top
  2. Login with the myLSUE credentials utilized in Step 1 above
  3. Click the "Email" option within the top navigation area
  4. Click the “Reset Password” link underneath the Gmail icon to set your initial student e-mail password value

Future Support with Technology

For future needs and an overview of the technology available for students at LSUE, please visit the OIT website at

For any assistance around technology and access, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is located within the Community Education Building in C204 or can be reached utilizing the contact information found on the OIT Support page.