Use of University Vehicles and Driver Safety


State Vehicle – any vehicle owned or operated by a state agency to conduct state business which could also include a personal vehicle on state time.


  1. Keys for university vehicles can only be issued to authorized drivers. Authorized drivers are those faculty, staff, and student workers who have completed the “Authorization and Driving History” form (DA 2054), travel authorization, and driver’s safety course. The DA 2054 must be renewed each fiscal year. The driver’s safety course must be re-taken every three years. When the form is complete, it is routed to Business Affairs, who then reviews for completion of information and requests an Official Driving Record (ODR) from the Office of Motor Vehicles. All required forms and driver’s safety course information can be obtained by contacting Business Affairs.

  2. If a vehicle is reserved by a person who has not completed the authorization process, the reservation will be flagged and is considered tentative until all forms have been completed, signed, and processed.  Non-authorized drivers will be notified of their status when a vehicle request is made. The DA 2054 and the safety course certification must be completed, signed, and submitted to Business Affairs no less than five (5) days prior to the first day of the vehicle request. This includes any state or privately owned vehicle and whether or not you request reimbursement. This provides adequate time for the Official Driving Record (ODR) to be obtained in order to complete the DA 2054. The ODR must be obtained before the forms can be signed by Business Affairs.

  3. Unauthorized persons should not be transported in University vehicles or rental vehicles. Approval of exceptions to this policy may be made by the traveler’s supervisor if he/she determines that the best interest of the University will be served and if the passenger (or passenger’s guardian) signs a Hold Harmless Agreement form acknowledging the fact that the University assumes no liability for any loss, injury, or death resulting from said travel.  This form can be found at This applies to families of employees, hitchhikers, and the like. Students are authorized to drive University vehicles only when employed by the University.

  4. The vehicle reservation form can be found at or at under Business Affairs by clicking on Vehicle Request. Cancellation of a reservation must be made as soon as it is known that the vehicle is no longer needed. Advance notice is preferred, but cancellations can be made as late as the morning of the reservation. Keys are to be picked up at the time and date specified on the reservation. If the pickup time must be changed (running late, date change, etc.), the Office of Business Affairs must be contacted as soon as possible.  Vehicles are to be returned to the motor pool parking lot at the time and date specified on the reservation. The keys must be returned to the Office of Business Affairs at this time as well. The vehicle is not officially returned until the keys are returned. This allows the vehicle to be readied for the next reservation which could be on the same day.


The Office of Risk Management has developed a comprehensive Loss Prevention Program as required by LA. R.S. 39:1543.A3 for statewide implementation. The Driver Safety Program is part of the overall program. Its purpose is to address safety, control use of vehicles, reduce the State’s exposure, reduce the loss expenses, achieve accountability, and meet the requirements of LA. R.S. 39:1543.A6.

  1. Driver Safety Training is required of any State employee driving on university business in his own personal vehicle or in a State vehicle. All authorized drivers shall successfully complete an ORM recognized defensive driving course within ninety (90) days of entering the program and shall complete a refresher course at least once every three years unless their class of license requires other additional training or testing. Drivers who have convictions on their motor vehicle records shall be required to retake a recognized driving course within ninety (90) days of notification of a conviction.

    Driver Safety Training can be accessed online at or by going to the faculty staff webpage and clicking on the Driving Safe Defensive Driving Course under Purchasing and Travel.

    If there are any problems, please consult HELP menu or call Business Affairs at Ext. 288. When course is completed, print certificate and send a copy to Business Affairs, Rm. S-111.

  2. High-risk drivers shall not be authorized to drive personal or state vehicles on state business from the date of discovery for a minimum of twelve (12) months. Annual ODR reports will be reviewed and will identify high risk drivers. High risk drivers and their supervisors will be notified when placed in the high risk category. High risk drivers are defined as follows:
    Individuals having three or more convictions, guilty pleas, and/or “no contest” for moving violations or individuals having a single conviction, guilty pleas, and/or “no contest” for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, hit and run driving, vehicular negligent injury, reckless operation of a vehicle, or similar violation within the previous twelve (12) month period. Authorized drivers with recurring conviction/violations must attend refresher course within 90 days to continue to drive on state business.

  3. In the event of an accident while in a state owned vehicle or in a personal vehicle on official state business, the following procedures will be followed:

    The driver must notify their immediate supervisor and the Business Affairs on the day of the accident. The employee will then complete the Louisiana State Driver’s Accident Report Form (DA 2041) found in the glove compartment of all state vehicles and submit with a copy of the police report (if one is issued) to Business Affairs who will then review the DA 2041 and, after investigating, submit to the ORM Claim Unit within 48 hours of the accident. Driver will also submit to a drug and/or alcohol test as per LA. R.S. 23:1081.

    Failure to report any vehicular accident may be cause for suspension of Driver Authorization. Depending upon the outcome of the investigation, an employee may be placed into the high-risk category. In addition, any authorized driver must report receiving a traffic violation, whether on state or personal business, to their supervisor the next working day.

The Physical Plant Grounds department is responsible for maintaining all state owned vehicles and performing monthly inspections and routine minor maintenance. All inspection checklists and routine maintenance is recorded and filed in the Physical Plant Office.

Updated May 20, 2020