The Louisiana Review Vol 14, 2015


Corey Doiron, The Rat Keeper             

 Norman German, Snake Summer       

 Randy Esters, China Spring           

 Daniel Webre, Manna             


 Sue Owen, TOP KILL FAILS   

 Joey Brown, Feral Love           

 Maura Gage Cavell, As the Winds of Autumn Sing   

 Randy Esters, Bukoba                                   

 Stella Nesanovich, Subsidence                               

 gary lundy, fold a tissue. a refold memory.    

 Howard Winn, DECEMBER                       

 Bonny Barry Sanders, Ghost Bridges on the Road to Key West         

Jeffrey Alfier, All Our Lives on Compton Creek

 Patricia Gray, Letter to James Whistler            

 Jaleh Kazemi, My Church                               

 Jeannette Barnes, A Can of Snuff, and Cup                                        

 David Atwood, Where You Belong                    


Adam Hall, The Air Up Here, and Crescent Moonsong                    

 Russell Lee, School Bus; Tending to Boxer Corner of Ring; Boys Looking at Penny Movies; Lafayette, Louisiana, 1938; Delivering Ice to Stands; Musicians Playing at Store; and Musicians Playing in Automobile

Joshua Chambers, I Thought I Would Like This     

Andrew LaMar Hopkins, Baltimore Free Woman of Color

Jerry Keeton, Farm                                   

Leroy Gray, Flight and Vieille Maison Vert                

 Rosemary Goodell, Pond and Pool                         

 Mia Kaplan, Fleabanes                              

 Bob McNeil, Angel                                    

 Keith LaCour, Lasyone’s Meat Pie Kitchen and New Orleans Streetcar            

 Ray Istre, The Gumbo Judge