Bengal ID

The Bengal ID was created to provide students, faculty, and staff with a fast, safe and convenient way to access campus services. While serving as the official university ID card, it is also a debit card for campus purchases as well as an electronic key for secure access to selected campus facilities.

If you need to replace your card, you must pay a $5 replacement fee. PAY HERE if you have a credit/debit card, if you have cash you will pay at the Business Affairs office located in the Science building. Be sure to bring the receipt to OIT in the Community Education Building room 204 to pick up your new card. You will be required to provide photo ID for verification.

All LSU Eunice faculty, staff and students should have a Bengal ID campus card. As the official ID card of the campus, your Bengal ID card should be carried at all times. Campus offices may require that you show your card before receiving services. Card privileges for students will not become active until your tuition and fees for the semester are paid.

The Bengal ID Office is a unit within the Office of Information Technology located in room 204 of the Community Education Building. Regular office hours are between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

As the official id card of LSU Eunice, it provides you with admission to campus events such as athletics and fine arts presentations.
  • It’s required to make copies on campus.
  • You must have your Bengal ID to use the printers in campus computer labs. Student printing accounts are credited with $4.50 each semester. This is equivalent to 150 black and white printed pages. Color pages will reduce your allotment by .25/page or the equivalent of 8 1/2 black and white pages. After using your free prints, subsequent pages will be deducted from your Bengal Bux account. (3 cents for black and white, 25 cents for color)
  • It’s required to use campus recreational facilities including the gym, weight room, and pool.
  • Many area merchants provide discounts to LSU Eunice students and employees. You must present your Bengal ID to take advantage of these services.
  • Use the Bengal ID in in the cafeteria and at other campus locations instead of carrying cash!