Dining Dollars, Pay-for-Print, & Bengal Bux

Dining Dollars, Pay-for-Print, and Bengal Bux are stored on your LSUE ID Card.  For information on what each of these are and how to utlize them on campus, please see below:

Dining Dollars is an amount deposited into your account for you each semester.  This amount will be reflected as dining dollars on your fee statement.  Dining Dollars can only be used on purchases in the cafeteria or in the on-campus Starbucks.
Any amount remaining at the end of the Fall semester will roll over and be combined with the Spring semester amount. At the end of the Spring semester, any remaining amount is removed.

Pay-for-Print is strictly for printing in the on-campus computer labs.  The amount deposited for you into your Pay for Print account each semester is $4.50. 
Pay-for-Print does not transfer from semester to semester.

Bengal Bux is a dollar value you would deposit onto your ID card that can be used at various places on campus in place of actual money.  Bengal Bux provides a fast, safe and convenient way to make purchases at various locations throughout the campus such as cafeteria purchases, selected vending machines, and making copies and printing in campus computing labs (once your initial free print allowance has been used). As long as you have money in your Bengal Bux account, you’ll enjoy convenient purchasing power without the hassle of carrying cash.
Additional value may be added to your Bengal Bux through Cashnet - just CLICK HERE. This will take you to the e-market on the CashNet site. You can purchase in units of $5.00.  After payment, If your purchase is not available within 30 minutes,  bring your receipt to OIT located in Classroom Community Education Building, Room 204 to complete the transaction and have the dollars added to your card.
Bengal Bux does transfer over to the next semester.