We've Made receiving your refunds easier!

To help you get your refunds quicker, LSUE partners with CASHNet to offer the eRefund option.  The eRefund is an electronic transfer of funds from LSUE’s bank to your own bank.  You will need to setup your bank account to receive the electronic refunds with CASHNet, which can be accessed through the myLSUE portal. The steps outlined below will walk you through the process. Please note that eRefunds may only be sent to checking and savings accounts at US-based banks.  Also, electronic refunds may take up to 4-5 business days to post to your personal bank account.Some students will never have a credit balance and would thus never need to designate a method of payment for eRefund.Signup for eRefund is not required.  If you do not wish to enroll in eRefund, your refund will simply continue to be paid and mailed out by check.


Get Started Today

When you are ready to enroll:

  1. Login to myLSUE

  2. Select the "Pay Fees" tab

  3. Review the CASHNet section and then select "Go to CASHNet"

  4. Follow the options to sign up for eRefund. You will be prompted to verify your setup through your LSUE email account. The signup process will walk you through the verification.