General Studies

General Studies

The Associate of Science in General Studies degree is a two-year program that allows students a wide choice of subjects. Students must meet certain basic requirements, but they are free to select other courses for career preparation, self-improvement, or cultural enrichment. The degree may serve as a terminal degree program or as a foundation for further study for those students who later desire to pursue a baccalaureate degree.

The general studies curriculum allows the student a wide choice of subjects. With the aid of a faculty advisor, students may construct a program in accordance with their own objectives, so long as they meet the basic requirements.

The courses and degree are available both in-person and hybrid formats. 

The program is part of LSUE Online making it easier to begin or complete a post-secondary education through online degree programs, accelerated learning formats, and prior learning assessment.

Academic Area

Liberal Arts
Manuel Hall 147

About the Associate of Science in General Studies

What You'll Accomplish

Through your coursework, you will:

  • Earn an Associate of Science degree with a significant general education core

  • Take a variety of courses that can be tailored to your goals

  • Begin and complete a post-secondary education through online and hybrid degree courses, accelerated learning formats, and prior learning assessments

  • Develop your knowledge and skills

Career Opportunities

Based on the courses you choose, some potential career fields are:

  • Education and Government

  • Businesses and Non-Profits

  • Healthcare

  • Social Services

Degree Requirements - 60 Total Required Credits

For additional detailed information on coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog Curriculum.

Total Credits Required: 60

  • General Education Courses: 39

  • Free Electives: 21

  • English Composition (6 hours)

  • Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning (6 hours)

  • Natural Sciences (6 hours)

  • Humanities (9 hours)

  • Social/Behavioral Science (9 hours)

  • Fine Arts (3 hours)


LSUE Online Program

In addition, LSUE partners with LSU Online to offer an Associate of General Studies degree from LSU Eunice Online in as few as two years. The AGS offers a focused curriculum with subjects such as liberal arts, or business to develop for a number of in-demand careers. Or, pursue your goal of further studying for a baccalaureate degree.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your career knowledge or pursue a baccalaureate degree, the curriculum of the online AGS program is ideal for students who wish to fulfill cultural or vocational objectives with two years of college coursework. 

Learn more - LSUE Online Associate of General Studies