Fire and Emergency Services

Fire and Emergency Services

The Applied Science in Fire and Emergency Services degree program offers college preparation at the professional level consistent with national standards. The program addresses the call of the U.S. Fire Administration, Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education Consortium, International Association of Fire Chiefs, and others to transition fire, EMS, and other emergency service disciplines from a “technical occupation” to a “professional occupation” using a national professional development model for the fire service and EMS.

The program is part of LSU Online making it easier to begin or complete a post-secondary education through online degree programs, accelerated learning formats, and prior learning assessment. The courses and degree are available both entirely online and in hybrid formats. 

Academic Area

Business Technology

About the Applied Science in Fire and Emergency Services

What You'll Learn 

  • Critical-thinking skills to analyze and solve a variety of complex problems in a fire and emergency services environment

  • Technological advancements that can produce higher levels of safety and survival

  • How to develop specialized technical knowledge and skills relevant to subspecialties in the field of fire and emergency services

  • Interpersonal and leadership skills to work both independently and cooperatively as a member of a fire and emergency services team

  • Awareness of how adopting standardized policies for responding to emergency scenes can minimize near-misses, injuries, and deaths

  • How the increase in violent incidents impacts safety for emergency services personnel when responding to emergency scenes

  • The importance of safety in the design of apparatus and equipment

Areas of Concentration

Potential Career Areas:

  • Fire Department Management

  • Fire Inspection

  • Emergency Services Management

  • Opportunities within private industries along with federal and state governments

Degree Requirements - 60 Total Required Credits

For additional detailed information on coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog Curriculum.

Total Credits Required: 60

  • Major Courses: 18

  • Concentration Courses: 21

  • General Education Courses: 21

Major Courses

  • PBSA2200 Technology for Emergency Services

  • ISDS2100 Microcomputer Applications in Business

  • INDS1102 Hazardous Materials

  • FOSC2233 Physical Evidence

  • FSCI1001 Principles of Emergency Services

  • PBSA1001 Fundamentals of Corporate and Municipal Safety Administration

  • FSCI2210 Fire Prevention and Inspection

  • PBSA2830 Contingency Planning

  • MGMT2260 Human Resources Management

  • INDS1001 Industrial Safety

  • FSCI2152 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival

  • FSCI1101 Fire Behavior and Combustion

  • FSCI2235 Principles of Arson Investigation

  • INDS 1002 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

  • INDS 1103 Advanced Hazardous Materials

  • INDS 2100- Hazardous Materials Chemistry (prerequisite INDS 1103)

Areas of Concentration

  • Emergency Services Technology

  • Fire Service Technology

  • English Composition (6 hours)

  • Mathematics/Analytical Reasoning (3 hours)

  • Natural Sciences (3 hours)

  • Humanities (3 hours)

  • Social/Behavioral Science (3 hours)

  • Fine Arts (3 hours)


LSUE Online Program

Courses are offered over the Internet, through distance learning with the option of accelerated format, and in traditional classroom settings. You can learn more about the online option at: Online Associate of Applied Science in Fire and Emergency Services.

All formats are taught by the same faculty. Our faculty is made up of degreed instructors, who are experts within their subject areas and who have honed their skills through actual experience dealing with fire, emergency response, safety, and hazardous materials incidents.


Job Market Outlook 

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