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The Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology (Systems Analysis and Programming) is designed for high school graduates and adult learners interested in preparing for a career in the Computer Information Technology industry. This modern curriculum provides a broad scope of leading courses in information technology, as well as general education.  

This two-year curriculum offers specific areas of study including System Analysis & Design, Computer Programming in Object-Oriented Environments, IT Project Management, Computer Networking and Security, and, Web Design and Development, as well as Computer Support Specialist.

The courses and degree are available both in-person and hybrid formats. 





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About the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology

What You'll Learn

  • Concentrations available in Cyber Security and also Systems Analysis and Programming

  • Learn about IT security, networking, computer hardware, database management, systems analysis, and IT management

  • Take a variety of general education and major-specific courses as part of the Computer Information Technology Assiciate degree program

  • Apply critical-thinking and analytical reasoning

  • Develop your knowledge and skills relevant to the field of computer information technology

Gain a Background In

  • Cyber Security

  • Programming

  • Networking

  • Project Management

  • Systems Analysis and Design

Degree Requirements - 60 Total Required Credits

For additional detailed information on coursework, please visit the Academic Catalog Curriculum.

Total Credits Required: 60

  • Major Courses: 24

  • Concentration Courses: 18

  • General Education Courses: 18

Major Courses

  • CSC1011 Introduction to Computer Science

  • CSC1015 Fundamentals of Programming

  • CSC2210 PC Services and Network Support

  • CSC2030 Programming Visual Basic

  • CSC2253 Systems Analysis and Design

  • CSC2255 Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design

  • CSC2257 Project Management

  • CSC2260 Software Security

LSUE’s General Education Requirements result from a conviction of the faculty that all students need to reason logically, communicate effectively, and effectively engage the world around them. General education courses are intended to cultivate the student’s artistic and scientific knowledge and appreciation; teach the student to communicate effectively a broad range of knowledge, beliefs, and emotions; teach the student to locate, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and apply information effectively, including its effective communication to others; and to teach the student to apply the knowledge of natural science to natural phenomenon. LSU Eunice believes that students should acquire a substantial knowledge when completing any program.




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