Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to apply to attend the LSUE Academy?
Students in 10th grade from St. Landry, Acadia, Evangeline, or Jeff Davis Parish declaring a major of nursing, medical, science, or any allied health related degree who are in good academic standing may apply to the academy in the Spring semester of the current school year to begin classes the Fall semester of the subsequent year. 

Students who do not meet the above requirements may still apply to take courses at LSUE as part of the Early College Initiative but are not eligible to receive a Pell grant. 

Which degree programs can LSUE Academy students pursue?

  • Associate of Applied Science, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Associate of Applied Science, Nursing
  • Associate of Applied Science, Radiologic Technology
  • Associate of Applied Science, Respiratory Care
  • Associate of Applied Science, Surgical Technology
  • Associate of Science, Louisiana Transfer – Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences
  • Associate of Science, Louisiana Transfer – Natural Sciences, Biological Sciences
  • Associate of Applied Science, Management – Health Care Management

What if I did not take the ACT (or PreACT) test or my scores in both subject areas do not meet the minimum requirements?
You may contact the Director of the Academy at 337-457-6130 to schedule a time and date to take a placement test at LSUE. 

How do I know whether or not I was accepted into the academy?
Students who apply will receive a letter in the mail by May 15th stating whether or not they are accepted into the academy.  The letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office will contain your myLSUE ID number and Password. Log onto myLSUE and set up your email so you may receive further information from the school and Academy Director. You will also receive a permission form that must be signed and emailed to the Academy Director by May 31st. 

How do I schedule my classes for the Fall semester if I am accepted?
The academy director (your advisor) and counselor will meet to schedule your classes for the Fall semester. You will receive an email through your myLSUE account containing a Course Registration Form that will list your Fall courses.  You must sign and email the form back to the Academy Director before June 15th.  Your classes will then be scheduled.  

How do I apply for financial aid and what is the FAFSA?
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the application for all federal and state aid programs. You will need to indicate Louisiana State University Eunice (school code #002012) in the school release section of the application so that we may receive your file. You and your parents will need to complete the application. 

Where do I find the FAFSA and when should I complete it?
The FAFSA should be submitted on-line at . This application should be completed by the last day that applications are being accepted for academy enrollment.  If you do not have an answer regarding your Pell eligibility by the due date for tuition payment, you will be responsible for tuition payment until you receive an answer from financial aid.  Your courses will be dropped for the Fall semester if you do not apply your Pell grant, pay tuition, or sign up for the tuition payment plan before the last day to pay Fall tuition. 

What financial aid am I actually applying for?
Since you are still in high school, your acceptance into the LSUE academy allows you to apply only for Federal Pell Grants. 

Is there a deadline for applying for financial aid?
This application should be completed by the last day that applications are being accepted for academy enrollment; otherwise, you may be responsible for payment of your fees.  You also need to check your email for updates from the Financial Aid Office regarding other documents necessary to complete your Pell Grant Application. 

Do I need to apply for financial aid each year?
Yes. Each year you must file the FAFSA for the appropriate award year. You must also maintain Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) in order to qualify for aid each year.

If I drop a class will it affect my financial aid?
Any change in enrollment status may potentially affect the amount of aid a student is eligible to receive depending on the time frame in which the change is made. Dropping a class or failing a class may affect your ability to receive financial aid in the future.