LSUE Dual Enrollment & Academy Application for Admission

The application for admission to the LSUE Academy is now open for the Fall 2020 semester.

Providing your SSN is not mandatory. If you choose to omit your SSN, you WILL NOT be eligible to receive federal financial aid. SSNs are kept private and safe, and it is beneficial for you to provide it on your application.
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All students born after 1956 must provide proof of immunization for mumps, measles, rubella, and tetanus/diphtheria OR they must agree to waiver claiming exemption from the immunization requirements. In compliance with Act No. 251 of the 2006 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, LSU Eunice also requires that all students provide satisfactory evidence of current immunization against meningococcal disease. Students will not be allowed to complete registration unless they have furnished proof of immunization for all above listed diseases or agree to this waiver.

Your immunization record can be emailed to or you can agree to waive by clicking the button below.

I agree to this waiver claiming exemption from the immunization requirement. I understand that by claiming exemption for medical, personal, or religious reasons, or lack of availability, that I may be excluded from campus and from classes in the event of an outbreak of measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, or meningitis until the outbreak is over or until I submit proof of immunization.
Do you agree to waive the requirement to submit immunization records?
By checking the Student Certification box below, I understand that, once registered in an LSUE Academy class, I am an LSUE student subject to all rules, policies, and procedures required for all LSUE students as published in the LSUE Catalog, Student Handbook, Code of Student conduct, and other official announcements.

I understand that I am enrolling as an LSUE Academy Student at LSUE.  If I desire to enroll at LSUE after high school graduation as a regular, degree-seeking student, I must apply for admission as a regular student.

I understand that the high school and college grades are earned in LSUE Academy courses will be on my permanent high school and college academic records.

I understand that the grades I earn in LSUE Academy college courses will be used by other programs, including TOPS, to determine my continuing eligibility for those programs.

I hereby authorize my high school authorities, my school district authorities, and LSUE to exchange and discuss my academic records for any purposes related to my eligibility for, documentation pertaining to, or participation at LSUE.

I understand that it is my responsibility to OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW from by LSUE's published deadlines, any class I decide not to complete.

Student Certification
(for students under 18 years of age)

As a legal guardian, I grant permission to allow this student to receive credit from LSUE.

I understand that the grades my dependent earns will be on a permanent college transcript of record and will be used by other programs, including TOPS, to determine continuing eligibility for those programs.

I acknowledge that it is my dependent's responsibility to follow published LSUE guidelines if it becomes necessary to OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW from a class.

I hereby authorize authorities from my dependent's high school, my dependent's school district, and LSUE to exchange and discuss my dependent's academic and student records for any purpose related to my dependent's eligibility for, documentation pertaining to, or participation at LSUE.
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