Division of Student Affairs

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services is to administer a wide range of programs and services that support our students prior to and during enrollment in a diverse, dynamic and safe university community environment. Those programs and services are intended to enhance the classroom experience and assist students in their journey through college to graduation. Our efforts serve to foster personal development, academic achievement, social interaction, and community service. We invite you to take advantage of the numerous resources available to students.

GET INVOLVED!….Join a student organization related to your major or interest; attend a performing arts event or an athletic game; run for a seat in the Student Government Association; work-out at the recreation center; help organize a food drive or read to elementary school kids in our area. Move slightly beyond your comfort zone and see what happens. You’ll likely make new lifelong friends and we are here to help.





Phone  337-550-1218

Fax  337-550-1266

Location  Acadian Center Room 112