New Student Organization Registration Form

This form is intended for new student organizations to request approval to be recognized as an active student organization at LSUE.  "New" organizations, for the purposes of this form, are considered to have never existed on campus at LSUE or to have been in inactive status for a period of two or more years.

A final draft of the Constitution for the organization must be emailed to (in a .doc, docx, or .pdf format) before the organization can be approved. Need help writing the constitution? Email to ask for help.

Please read and review the Student Organization Handbook for more information about student organizations at LSUE.


For example: RHA for the Residence Hall Association
If the organization does not currently have a website, would you be interested in establishing one through LSUE?
You can copy/paste this from the Constitution
Organization Type:
Anticipated Total Number of Members:
Pending approval.
Will membership dues/fees be collected?
If yes, how often will the above amount be collected?


Advisor Role:
Has this person formally agreed to advise this organization?


Please list the names, student ID numbers, and titles of other officers (if any) in your organization.  Other officers might be Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, etc.
Format: John Smith, 102345, Treasurer


You need a minimum of six (6) students to start a student organization.  List all non-officer student members who have agreed to be a part of this organization.  Include both Full Names and Student ID Numbers.
Format: John Smith, 102345

By checking the box below, you indicate that the information presented above is complete and accurate. The above-named student organization agrees to comply with the University Nondiscrimination Policy, the Anti-Hazing Policy, and all other policies contained within the Student Organization Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct.


Contact the Office of Student Affairs at 337-550-1218 in Room 112 of the Mumphrey Center if you have any questions or concerns regarding your organization's status.


Submit the Constitution

Click HERE to submit the Final Draft of the Constitution.  Your registration cannot be approved until a Constitution is submitted along with this registration form.


Office of Student Activities

2048 Johnson Hwy
P.O. Box 1129
Dr. Anthony Mumphrey Center, Rm 112
Eunice, LA 70535

Phone:  337-550-1218