SGA Finance Bill

This form is intended for SGA Officers to submit to request to allocate SGA Funds and SGA Co-Sponsorship Funds towards projects, initiatives, events, and/or improvements to the campus on behalf of the student body.

Enter the estimated total dollar amount.
If you are not sure or want to check the balance of these accounts, consult with the SGA Treasurer prior to submitting.
Enter a very brief summary (a few words) of what you are requesting to fund
For the Reasons, make sure to be as descriptive as possible and include as many reasons as possible. If you are requesting to use SGA funds, LSU purchasing policies and regulations will require justification for why this purchase was made, and your reasons will be critical in fulfilling that justification.

Additionally, this is what will be read when the legislation is proposed at the SGA meeting, so make your best case below.
By checking the box below, you agree that all of the information in this SGA Finance Bill is accurate to the best of your knowledge and that you are a duly elected or appointed officer of SGA. you also agree that if this bill passes, you will oversee, to the best of your ability, the responsible storage, distribution, and/or usage of these items, services, and/or resources in accordance with the information provided in this request.

All SGA Finance Bills require price quotes/estimates to be submitted in order to be considered for review.  After you submit this form, you will immediately be sent an email to your LSUE email address asking for those quotes to be submitted.  Respond to that email with the quotes attached to complete the SGA Finance Bill submission process.

Contact the Office of Student Affairs with any questions regarding this process.


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