Mental Health Counseling


Did you know that more than 75% of mental health conditions begin before the age of 24?  At LSUE, we have a duty to care for students' well being both inside and outside of the classroom.  That is why we have decided to partner with Compass Health to provide mental health counseling services to LSUE students free of charge.
Are you concerned for yourself or someone who is...
  • Having difficulty making friends?
  • Having panic attacks?
  • Experiencing test anxiety?
  • Feeling lonely and depressed?
  • Going through a difficult time in a relationship?
  • Feeling hopeless and losing motivation?
  • Thinking about suicide?
  • Drinking or using other drugs?
  • Having family problems?
  • Dealing with childhood abuse or domestic abuse?
  • Pregnant and scared?

Counseling Services

Counseling appointments are one-on-one meetings with a licensed counselor who is trained to help you work through whatever it is you are struggling with to help you work towards recovery.  Most people struggle with clicking the button below because they do not want to admit they need help.  But it is okay to not be okay, and sometimes, all you may need is someone to talk to who will not judge you for feeling the way you feel.

Schedule by Phone or Email

Contact Ms. Brittany Leger, Compass Health Program Assistant, to schedule your appointment by calling 337-788-1304 or emailing

Meet the Counselor

Ms. Tara Charpentier is a Licensed Practitioned Social Worker who provides mental health counseling services on the LSUE campus.

Tara Charpentier

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