Student Complaint Reporting Form

Louisiaina State University at Eunice seeks to provide fair and objective procedures for hearing student complaints and endorses compliance with the spirit of non-discrimination and resolution in a timely manner.

What is a written student complaint?

The University defines a written student complaint as a formal grievance of any institution-related action, decision, policy, and/or incident submitted via this official reporting form.  Complaints submitted by any other means are defined as informal, unwritten complaints not requiring proper adjudication by the University.

Should I attempt to resolve the issue before reporting?

Yes.  Unless you feel unsafe, fear retaliation, or other extreme circumstances apply, all issues or complaints should first attempt to be resolved directly with the individual or department prior to submitting this report.  If a student is not able to successfully resolve an issue or complaint with the individual or department directly, this form can be submitted to file a written student complaint.

What happens after my complaint is submitted?

After this form is submitted, the information is routed to the Office of Student Affairs where a log of all student complaints is maintained.  The reporting student will be sent an email requesting to schedule a meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee to gather more information on the nature of the complaint and to discuss possible resolutions.  It is the reporter's duty to schedule this meeting by following the instructions provided in the email.  All complaints will be reviewed by the Dean of Student Affairs and will be routed to the appropriate campus administrator who will make a determination of the proper course of action to be taken.  Students can contact the Office of Student Affairs (337-550-1218, to inquire about the status of their reports at any time.

What is an appeal?

An appeal is defined as a request for formal action to be taken on a University decision or action via Policy Statement 8 procedures.  If you are submitting this form to appeal a University decision or action, you need to familiarize yourself with Policy Statement 8, which details appeals procedures for students.  Click HERE to view a copy of P.S.8. 

Common types of appeals include, but are not limited to, grade appeals, traffic/parking ticket appeals, financial aid appeals, academic suspension appeals, and student conduct appeals.  Complete this form and/or contact the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs for guidance and support in appealing grades or other Unviersity decisions/actions.


Reporter Information
Incident / Report Information
Please describe in as much detail as possible the specific words, phrases and interactions associated with the situation. If the individual was loud or disruptive, indicate behaviors associated with the disruption, and describe any injury or damage to person(s) or property. Include name(s) of campus personnel you contacted and actions taken, if any.
Supporting Documentation

Please send any supporting documentation that can supplement this report to  Supporting documentation might be copies of tests, screenshots, pictures, etc.


Office of Student Affairs

Acadian Center, Room 112
P.O. Box 1129
2048 Johnson Hwy
Eunice, LA 70535
Phone: 337-550-1218