Spring 2018
Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Registration Guide




  1. Who can take part in computer registration using the myLSUE system on the Internet?

Current students and new, transfer, or re-entry (N/T/R) students who have completed the application process will all be able to register over the internet using myLSUE. Before students can register, they must first meet with their faculty advisor to discuss scheduling and to receive clearance to register. Students use their student ID to login on the myLSUE system on the Internet, and they use their password that was sent to them by the Admissions Office. If you need these numbers, please contact the Office of Information Technology (Community Education Building Room 204).


  1. Will all new, transfer, and re-entry (N/T/R) students be able to register by computer?

To be able to register by computer, N/T/R students must have a current application on file and have complied with immunization requirements.


  1. When can students register by computer?

Students whose admission files are provisional or complete can take part in early registration. Current students can register beginning October 23, based on the number of earned college credit hours plus the hours for which the student is currently registered this fall. Students can find out their number of earned credit hours using myLSUE to view their academic transcript. The number of earned credit hours is included at the bottom of the transcript. If you try to access the system prior to the time listed in the schedule, the system will not allow you to register.


  1. If my admission file is incomplete or I owe LSU Eunice money from a previous semester, will my registration be blocked?

In most cases, the computer registration system will allow you to register if you are an applicant whose admission file is not yet complete. There may be times, however, that the registration system will not allow you to register if there are “holds” on your student account – that is, if there are problems with your LSUE account that must first be resolved before you can register. The system will tell you the type of hold placed on your registration. Contact the appropriate office at LSU Eunice to clear up the problem. You may also contact your advisor for referral to the appropriate office.


  1. Once classes start, can I add or drop classes using the myLSUE registration system?

Yes. You can use myLSUE to add or drop classes. The system will follow the deadlines published in this Registration Guide and in the LSU Eunice Catalog. After the published deadlines, you will not be able to add classes. You will still be able to use the system to drop classes. Before adding or dropping, you should consult with your advisor. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to make sure that your schedule meets your needs. Your schedule should fit the requirements of your curriculum, whether you are enrolled in an LSU Eunice program or you are taking courses that you will transfer to another college. When you drop classes, you should be aware of financial aid requirements for satisfactory progress. You may fail to meet those requirements if you do not complete a sufficient number of the courses in which you initially enrolled.


  1. Can I resign from all of my classes using the myLSUE computer system?

If it is prior to the first day of classes, yes. Otherwise, you will need to report to or contact the Office of Records at (337) 550-1304.