Fall 2017 Intersession
Fall 2017 Intersession

Fall 2017 Intersession Registration Guide





Registration begins October 23, 2017 using the schedule below based on the credit hours a student has earned PLUS the hours in which he or she is currently enrolled. Students can use myLSUE to check their transcripts to see how many credit hours they have earned. Students will not be permitted to register before their allotted time.

Monday – October 23

Tuesday – October 24

Wednesday – October 25

Thursday – October 26

Friday – October 27

8:00 AM -- 90+ hours 8:00 AM -- 55-63 hours 8:00 AM -- 38-44 hours 8:00 AM -- 24-26 hours 8:00 AM -- 12 hours
10:00 AM -- 75-89 hours 10:00 AM -- 50-54 hours 10:00 AM -- 32-37 hours 10:00 AM -- 16-23 hours 10:00 AM -- 6-11 hours
1:00 PM -- 64-74 hours 1:00 PM -- 45-49 hours 1:00 PM -- 27-31 hours 1:00 PM -- 13-15 hours 12:00 PM -- 0-5 hours, as
        well as N/T/R students





Fall 2017 Intersession

October 23

Regular registration opens for the Fall Intersession 2017

December 7

Regular registration ends. Regular registration fee payment deadline 4:00 PM. Students who have not paid tuition and fees will have their classes dropped.

December 8

Late registration opens after Academic Affairs finalizes class schedule for the term (usually after 12 PM); $2.00 per credit hour late registration fee applies.

December 11

Classes begin, 8:00 AM. Final date to add courses/change sections.

December 12

Final date for resigning/dropping courses without a “W” by 4:30 PM

December 19

Final date for resigning/dropping courses with a “W” by 4:30 PM. Deadline to apply for academic bankruptcy for students entering LSUE in Fall Intersession 2017 by 4:30 PM.

December 21

Last day of classes

December 22

Final exams

January 4

Final grades due  9:00 AM




  1. New, transfer, and re-entry (N/T/R) students:
    1. Prior to registering, you may need to go to the Office of Enrollment Management (Geaux Center in the Acadian Center) if there is a problem with your immunization records. Students with outstanding debts will have to settle their accounts with the Office of Business Affairs (Science Building Room 115) prior to registration.
    2. The time at which you can begin accessing the registration system is listed as N/T/R students.
  2. Continuing Students: Complete a Trial Schedule Worksheet and take it to your faculty advisor during the advising period. All students must meet with an advisor prior to registering. Make an appointment to see your advisor as soon as possible to review your schedule and obtain clearance to register.
  3. Tell your advisor if you plan to graduate at the end of the semester. Advisors will enter this information into the computer. Students planning to graduate at the end of the spring semester must complete an “Application for Degree” and pay appropriate diploma fees by January 12, 2018.
  4. The time at which you can begin accessing the registration system is based on the total number of credit hours you have already earned, plus the credit hours in which you are currently enrolled. Your number of earned credit hours is listed at the bottom of your transcript available on your myLSUE page.
  5. To use the myLSUE system for registration, you must have your user name and password. Current students should already have a copy of their user name and password. If you did not receive or misplaced this information, you can contact the Office of Information Technology (Community Education Building Room 204). Some form of photo identification (such as a student ID card or driver’s license) is required.
  6. After selecting your classes in myLSUE, print out your “Course and Fee Statement” found in myLSUE. No fee statements will be mailed to students. Students are advised to recheck their class schedule on myLSUE prior to the start of classes for cancellations, room changes, or time changes.
  7. Verify your “Course and Fee Statement” carefully for accuracy prior to paying your fees.