Fall 2017 Intersession
Fall 2017 Intersession

Fall 2017 Intersession Registration Guide


For information concerning resigning from the University, requesting an “I,” repeating a course, academic bankruptcy, or other academic policies, please consult the appropriate section of Academic Catalog.



LSU Eunice has written transfer agreements with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and McNeese State University specifying which LSU Eunice courses are equivalent to courses at those institutions. Check with your advisor for details. Most LSU Eunice course numbers parallel the course numbers in the catalog of LSU A&M.

For additional information on transfer credit, check the Louisiana Board of Regents Data & Publications’ Master Course Articulation Matrix AY2017-2018 (transfer guide). This matrix indicates transfer equivalencies of courses among Louisiana’s public colleges and universities. The listing of courses in the matrices is not all-inclusive. There are courses that articulate between campuses that are not listed in the matrices. Students who want more information about the transferability of courses for academic credit in general or credit toward a specific degree program should contact the appropriate articulation officer or the Registrar’s Office.



The American College Test is administered annually on five national testing dates. ACT scores are used in placing students in English, mathematics, and other classes as listed in the LSU Eunice Catalog. LSU Eunice is a national test site. The regular registration deadline is usually at least five weeks prior to the test, with a late registration deadline at least three weeks prior to the test. To register for the exam, visit ACT’s web site. Students should note that ACT scores older than five years will not be used for placement. For additional information contact the Office of Enrollment Management at (337) 550-1208.




Pathways to Success” is a program designed to enhance students’ freshmen-year experience. Students participate in a one-year program of study focusing on college success skills, mathematics, and English. Students are notified by letter and registered for classes through the Office of Developmental Education. Developmental studies advisors will be available during orientation. Orientation to LSU Eunice and to the program is mandatory. Students wishing to place out of the Pathways to Success program must take the ACT exam and obtain a composite score of 16 or higher prior to their first semester of attendance.

Please note that students placed into the Pathways to Success program may not take intersession classes. Students desiring to enter LSUE in the fall intersession will instead begin coursework in the spring semester.




Under specified conditions, undergraduate students who have interrupted their college careers for a period of at least three consecutive calendar years may declare academic bankruptcy. Under this policy, college-level work done at an earlier date is eliminated from computation of the grade-point average and cannot be applied toward a degree at LSU Eunice. Such work, however, will not be removed from students’ scholastic records and transcripts. Students qualifying for academic bankruptcy are admitted on academic probation. Academic bankruptcy declared at any other institution will be evaluated on an individual basis upon the student’s admission to LSU Eunice. Students may obtain details on this policy from their academic division head.

Transfer students meeting for the first time with an advisor should tell the advisor about their previous college record and ask if academic bankruptcy is a viable option.



Please note that students who are on academic suspension from LSUE may not take intersession classes. Nor may students readmitted to LSUE after being on suspension take intersession classes as the first classes they take upon their readmission.