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Are you ready for affordable online college courses designed to work around your busy life?  LSUE Online offers numerous online degrees and certificates across a range of high-demand fields at one of the lowest tuition prices you will find.

You can earn an LSUE degree or just take an extra course of your choosing; learning from the same faculty teaching the on-campus courses; from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are just starting for the first time, starting over, or continuing from past credits, LSUE can help you meet your educational goals.

Why Choose LSUE Online

  • Small class size: Smaller class sizes facilitate group interaction and a dynamic learning environment.
  • Learn from outstanding faculty: LSUE Online includes tenured or tenure-track faculty and instructors.
  • Affordable Education: 1/2 the tuition of four year universities.
  • Open admissions policy: LSUE's open admissions policy offers you the immediate opportunity to take courses that can help you learn skills for new employment and career advancement.

        For additional information on why you should choose LSUE, visit:  Why LSUE?

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