LSU Eunice Helps Students Through HEERF Funds Allocations

LSU Eunice has used its recent allocations from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) to help its students.  The federal government has provided nearly $40 billion to higher education for COVID-19 relief.

In the latest HEERF disbursement, LSUE received $1.88 million in American Rescue Plan grants, which were given to 2,432 eligible students based on registered hours as of October 7.  The maximum amount awarded at this time was $1000.

The HEERF III authorization allocated $3.97 million in student directed funding to LSU Eunice.  In addition to the October 7 disbursement, an additional round is planned for the Spring 2022 semester.

“Our goal as an institution is to give access and support to our local area and help them reach their academic goals,” LSU Eunice Chancellor Dr. Nancee Sorenson said.  “These federal funds help provide relief to our students so they can continue on their academic path without some of the stresses many families are facing.”

This is the sixth round of disbursements LSUE has rolled out thanks to federal funding.  In total, 4,026 students have received a total of $3,944,599.00 in financial Covid Relief assistance through these federal grants.

You can find full details of LSU Eunice’s disbursement throughout the COVID-19 pandemic at