LSUE To Declare Election Day A Holiday on Academic Calendar

LSUE Election DayEunice, LA – In an effort to encourage participation in the election process, LSU Eunice’s Student Government Association (SGA) approved a resolution to make Election Day, November 3, 2020, a holiday on the Academic Calendar.

LSUE Chancellor Dr. Nancee Sorenson ratified the resolution and it passed in the last Faculty Senate meeting.  The holiday will be limited only to in-person classes and will not be in effect for some specific classes in which instructors must have students report in person, such as clinical and laboratory courses.  Instructors will communicate directly with their classes in these special situations.

“Our SGA officers and Senators felt it was very important to encourage students to get out and vote this election season,” LSUE SGA President Jase McDonald said.  “Social distancing and other safety measures will likely make for long lines at polling locations and the day off will give students, staff and faculty every opportunity to exercise their right as Americans.”

The resolution also states that the Election Day holiday will extend to every first Tuesday in November on even numbered years.

“I could not be more impressed by the initiative taken by our Student Government,” LSU Eunice Chancellor Dr. Nancee Sorenson said.  “These young adults are our area’s future and it is great to see them take the election process so seriously.”

LSU Eunice joins a number of institutions across the country to make Election Day a school holiday.  The LSUE campus also serves as a polling location for the greater Eunice area.