LSU Eunice Program Review

The demonstration of institutional and instructional effectiveness includes the evaluation of all academic, academic support, and administrative units within LSU at Eunice. Therefore, LSU at Eunice has implemented a formal, on-going process of review to assess each unit’s contribution to institutional effectiveness, while generating useful information for unit improvement. The primary purposes are:

  1. To complement the institution’s strategic planning process requiring the internal development of unit plans with an external perspective in the review of those plans and the quality of programs and
  2. To respond to intrinsic motivations for continuous improvement with a focus on the enhancement of institutional effectiveness and efficiency; student learning outcomes; and client
  3. To respond to state mandates and accreditation requirements of the SACSCOC calling for a systematic review of all programs and services.



Program Review Summary - AY 2021-2022

Program Name Semester Review Conducted Initial Report Submitted Presentation to Cabinet Cabinet's Approval of Recommendations Follow Up Report Submitted (if applicable)
Computer Information Technology, AAS Spring 2022 Fall 2022      
Medical Coding and Billing, CTS Fall 2021 March 29, 2022      
Care & Development of Young Children, AS Fall 2021 March 31, 2022      


updated June 17, 2022