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What is Pearson Smarthinking? 

Smarthinking is online tutoring available for LSUE students when it is needed the most!  Overcome learning obstacles and get extra support when working on homework, assignments, writing essays, resumes, etc... With 24/7 availability and four different types of online tutoring services, Smarthinking fits into any student's schedule.

Resources are available with just-in-time online tutoring, helping students arrive prepared, succeed in class, and work towards career goals. Recent studies show that students who use Smarthinking get higher grades and are more likely to complete courses.

Experienced Tutors + Proven Pedagogy = Student Success

Over 90% of Smarthinking tutors hold a Master’s degree or PhD, so LSUE students can work with an expert in every session. Smarthinking tutors average 12 years of experience working directly with students: they’re expert teachers as well as subject experts.

Pearson Smarthinking will never do a student’s work for them. Rather, Smarthinking uses a proven, problem-solving approach that helps students learn, gain confidence, and handle future assignments on your own.


Accessing Smarthinking

Students access Smarthinking through myCourses.  Login to the system by clicking the myCourses link in the top nav area of  Once you login to myCourses, you will see a link to Smarthinking in the footer of any page as you can see within the screenshot below.  From there, simply click the link and follow the instructions on the page to access Smarthinking.

                                     Pearson Smarthinking Link


Quick Start Guide

Below is an "quick start" reference guide on Smarthinking that provides an overview for students.  The screenshot below provides a view into the landing page you will see after launching Smarthinking from within your myCourses environment. 

Be sure to check out the short videos for quick overviews on several functions.  These videos can be found at the botton of the landing page of Smarthinking and are highlighted in red within the screenshot below.

             Pearson Smarthinking Quick Start



For additional information on tutoring services available at LSUE, visit the Tutorial Center website or email the Tutoring Center.