External Email Notification

New Tool to Help Identify External Email

Phishing is a top cybersecurity threat to LSUE.  Phishing attacks are often launched by including malicious attachments or links within an email.  Email being delivered from outside LSUE to faculty and staff should always be approached cautiously, especially messages that present urgency or fear, have poor grammar, and more.

To help combat phishing and assist faculty and staff with identify potentially fraudulent email, LSUE has activated external email tagging. Moving forward, messages sent from outside LSUE to any faculty and staff will now be marked with the following tagline at the beginning of the message:

“EXTERNAL EMAIL: Do not click links or attachments unless you recognize the sender and know the content is safe." 

An example of how this tag will look within an external email as it is delivered to an employee is included here so you can see the formatting and such:

 External Email Notification


Many safe and legitimate email messages come from external email systems. The "External Email" tag does not mean the message is a scam, but it does provide additional information about the message source. The tag is simply there to assist employees by providing a reminder for you to stop and think about the email.

If you believe you have received a message that is malicious, is a phishing attempt, or you feel a message was improperly tagged, please Contact OIT.