Data Owners and Stewards

The list of Data Owners, Data Stewards, and Contacts who provide management and oversight of the established data areas is indicated below.

Area of Data Data Owner Data Steward Contact
  Advising and Registration  Donnie Thibodeaux  Marjana Herring  Donnie Thibodeaux
  Authorized Course Master  Donnie Thibodeaux  Marjana Herring  Kimberly Smith    
  Admissions  Donnie Thibodeaux  Marjana Herring  Tasha Naquin
  Athletics  Jeff Willis

 Jeff Willis 

 Marjana Herring

 April Fontenot
  Board of Regents  Stephen Heyward  Marjana Herring  Marjana Herring
  Student Financials  Amy Greagoff  Marjana Herring  Audwin Donatto
  Directory - Employee  Katie Tucker

 Katie Tucker

 Marjana Herring

 Patricia Spears
  Directory - Students  Donnie Thibodeaux  Marjana Herring  Donnie Thibodeaux
  Facilities  Michael Broussard  Marjana Herring  Marjana Herring
  Financial Aid  Jacqueline LaChapelle

 Selina Rene

 Marjana Herring

 Jacqueline LaChapelle
  ID Cards  Stephen Heyward  Marjana Herring  Sandra King
  Police/Security  Cory Lalonde

 Cory Lalonde

 Marjana Herring

 Cory Lalonde
  Recruiting  Chad Jones  Chad Jones  Mikayla Hollier
  Residential Housing  Chad Jones  Chad Jones  Victoria Throop
  Security Access Management  Stephen Heyward  Marjana Herring  Marjana Herring
  Student Case Management  Jacqueline LaChapelle  Jacqueline LaChapelle  Jacqueline LaChapelle
  Student Records  Donnie Thibodeaux  Marjana Herring  Donnie Thibodeaux