Classroom Technology
Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology

Whether students are near or far, LSUE offers a range of options around classroom technology throughout many rooms on campus.  If you are not sure which technology would be best, please contact OIT.


LSUE classrooms offer a variety of technology configurations with a focus on helping instructors in utilizing technology to provide an exceptional learning experience regardless of logistics.  Classrooms within multiple buildings on campus - Science, Heath Technology, Community Education, and Manuel Hall - are equipped with technology to facilitate teaching and learning.

Interactive Podiums (Science and Manuel Hall buildings):

  • Touchscreen monitors
  • Windows 10 PC
  • Epson projectors with 1x2 projector screens
  • HDMI cabling for faculty and staff laptop connections
  • Digital audio/video processing
  • Touch panel with a contemporary interface

Interactive Smartboards (Health Technology and Manuel Hall buildings):

  • Interactive touchscreens
  • Digital audio/video processing
  • Built in Windows 10 computers
  • HDMI cabling for faculty and staff laptop connections

Interactive Techpods (Community Education building):

  • Digital audio/video processing
  • Built in Windows 10 computers
  • HDMI cabling for faculty and staff laptop connections

Classroom Tutorial Videos

Below are instructional videos for faculty and staff around both the new podium/projector installations introduced during Spring 2021 and also Interactive Smartboards available throughout many classrooms on campus. To access the instructional videos, faculty and staff can login with their LSUE Network credentials. 

Additionally, faculty can request a demo of the classroom technology from OIT to familiarize themselves with the equipment available in their classrooms.

Listing of Classroom Configuration

Manuel Hall

Room Seats Technology
M-101 35 Podium
M-105 24 Interactive Smartboard
M-108 50 Podium
M-112 24 Interactive Smartboard
M-206 30 Podium
M-208 24 Interactive Smartboard
M-218 60 Podium
M-232 60 Interactive Smartboard

Science Building

Room Seats Technology
S-112 200 Podium
S-139 22 Podium
S-140 35 Podium
S-142 35 Podium
S-144 35 Podium
S-201 59 Podium
S-202 32 Podium
S-210 16 Podium
S-218 32 Podium
S-219 55 Podium
S-230 32 Podium
S-231 44 Podium
S-238 16 Podium
S-246 16 Podium
S-247 53 Podium
S-301 36 Podium
S-343 30 Podium

Health Technology Building

Room Seats Technology
T-102 200 Podium
T-103 20 Interactive Smartboard
T-107 20 Interactive Smartboard
T-142 15 Interactive Smartboard
T-143 20 Interactive Smartboard
T-202 25 Interactive Smartboard
T-204 20 Interactive Smartboard
T-205 16 Interactive Smartboard
T-214 70 Interactive Smartboard
T-216 150 Interactive Smartboard
T-220 45 Interactive Smartboard

Community Education Building

Room Seats Technology
C-109 98 Techpod
C-110 71 Techpod
C-111 71 Techpod
C-112 71 Techpod
C-113 71 Techpod
C-116 113 Techpod
C-201 34 Techpod
C-205 20 Techpod
C-210 63 Techpod
C-211 64 Techpod
C-212 64 Techpod
C-213 63 Techpod
C-218 30 Techpod
C-220 32 Techpod

Collaboration Technologies

Classroom technology extends beyond the hardware available within a classroom. Collaboration technologies like enterprise conferencing and video streaming can help faculty educate students across the country.  Lecture recordings allow faculty to capture audio, video, and other content that can be distributed to students through different channels. 


Zoom Zoom Enterprise Conferencing    

Zoom is an enterprise conferencing tool with an easy, reliable, cloud platform for audio and video conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, and telephones.


Panopto Lecture CapturePanopto Lecture Capture

Panopto is lecture capture software that allows faculty to record class sessions and share the recordings.