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iClicker REEF Overview

iClicker REEF is an application faculty may utilize within their course that works with your mobile device (iOS or Android) and can also be accesses through a web browser, allowing students to participate during in-class polling sessions.

Create an iClicker REEF Account

To be able to participate with iClicker REEF, you will need an active subscription.  You can create a REEF account and access it at any time by downloading the mobile app on a smart device via the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting iClicker.com on a web browser.  If you already have a REEF account, use it!  Students should not create and use more than one REEF account as you will only receive credit from a single account.

Pay for Access to REEF

Upon signing up with iClicker REEF, you will have a 2 week free-trial period.  After that point, you will need to purchase a REEF subscription or obtain an access code if you want to participate in iClicker sessions with your mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

Learn more about your options for purchasing a REEF subscription or obtaining an access code by visiting www.iclicker.com/support


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