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Student Email

Student email for LSUE is hosted through Google with Gmail.  Student accounts are automatically created when a student is admitted to LSUE. Setting of your initial email password is done through myLSUE and clicking on the Email tab.  From there, click the “Reset Password” link underneath the Gmail icon to set your initial password value.  To login to student email, visit Gmail hosted by Google, enter your LSUE email address, and follow the instructions.

Moving forward, if you forget your email password, you can log back into myLSUE and then click on the Email tab.  From there, select the "Reset Password"  link underneath the Gmail icon to reset your email password value.

Additional information can be found on the Accounts and Access page.

Faculty/Staff Email

LSUE faculty and staff email is hosted within the cloud and Microsoft Office 365.  Faculty and Staff myLSUE Accounts are created upon hire by the University.  The password for email is your LSUE Bengal Account password, which is the same password used on-premises to authenticate to your computer, on-campus wireless network access, etc.  To login, visit the Faculty/Staff page, select the Email Web Access icon, and enter your email address ( as your username.

Additional information can be found on the Accounts and Access page.

Email accounts can be accessed in one of several ways:

  • The Microsoft Outlook client, which is installed on all LSUE faculty and staff computers.
  • Outlook Web Access (, which can be accessed on or off campus from any device's web browser.
  • Mobile devices can be configured to access LSUE email.

For recovery of deleted email messages, faculty and staff have options as outlined on the Faculty and Staff Recover Deleted Email Messages in Outlook on the Web page hosted with Microsoft.  These options include being able to sometimes recover email after it has even been removed from your Deleted Items folder.

Install Email on a Mobile Device

For instructions on setting up student, faculty, or staff email on a mobile device, please view the guides located here


For additional information around student, faculty, and staff email, contact OIT.