Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student organization of which every on-campus resident is a member.  Residents pay an activity fee at move-in, and RHA utilizes those activity fees to provide goods, activities, and services for residents to enjoy throughout the academic year.  RHA provides opportunities for residents to assume leadership roles on campus and to make a difference in their residential communities.

Voice of the Residents. One of the most valuable skills that you can develop while in college is the ability to express yourself clearly to make something happen.  Through RHA, residents an express their concerns, praises, and grievances to housing administration, and RHA will work with residents to ensure their issues are resolved and not ignored.  When you get involved with RHA, you demand nothing but the best from your on-campus living experience at LSUE.

Campus Activities Planning. As a programming body, RHA plans campus activities throughout the year that are open to all LSUE students.  The most fun part about getting involved with RHA is finding creative ways to spend student activities fee money to plan on-campus events for other students.  If you want to plan an on-campus concert or a campus-wide scavenger hunt, RHA is where you need to go to make it happen.

Values. RHA values leadership, service, community engagement, integrity, and academic success.  RHA provides leadership opportunities to students who are elected by their peers to serve in officer positions.  Members are provided with opportunities to give back to the community through community service and philanthropy efforts.  Through campus activities planning, community engagement is at the core of RHA’s mission to connect students with other students.  All members embody the highest standards of professionalism and integrity as LSUE students.  Lastly, the academic success for each member of RHA is at the forefront of the organization’s values.

Conference Travel. Students who choose to get involved with RHA have the opportunity to travel via plane or bus to locations across the country to represent LSUE at various national and regional conferences.  Conferences in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, and more are all student leadership opportunities that student leaders can take advantage of if they choose to devote the time and energy towards the Residence Hall Association.


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