Off Campus Housing Roommate Matching Survey

Are you interested in living off campus and looking for a roommate to share the cost with?  You are not alone!

After you submit this survey, LSU Eunice housing staff will connect you with another student with matching characteristics who is also looking for off campus housing options. 

DISCLAIMER: LSU Eunice will not and cannot help you with lease signing or other arrangements.  You and/or your matched roommate must work directly with the property of choice to solidify housing accommodations.

Home Address
Contact Information:
Interested Property Information:
Which properties are you interested in living?
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Have you already signed a lease at one of these properties?
Roommate Matching Information:
Are you open to roommate matching with another student of a different gender?
Are you willing to put the electric bill and/or other utilities in your name?
How clean and organized do you keep your room
How often do you like to have guests over?
Do you smoke?
Will you have a vehicle?
What sports did you play in high school?
By checking the box below, you consent to have the information provided in this survey shared with others future students who are interested in roommate matching for off campus housing.



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