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Section 2: Cover Letters

The cover letter serves to transmit your organization’s proposal and demonstrate the commitment of the organization to the project at the highest level. For example, the Chancellor should sign the cover letter. For a non-profit agency or similar entity, the Chair of the Board, Executive Director, or other top-ranking official should sign.

Professional, clear, and concise. Keep the letter to one page when possible. Write on the organization’s letterhead. The cover letter serves as an opportunity to capture the interest and obtain buy-in from your potential funder.

Suggested contents include:

  • Briefly describe your organization and what it does
  • Name and describe the specific project for which funding is requested
  • Mention the total amount of your funding request
  • Mention what group or population will benefit
  • Highlight how your project matches the mission of the funding agency
  • Mention any recent interaction (e-mail, face-to-face meeting, phone call) with a representative of the funding agency, particularly if you were encouraged to submit the proposal

Proofread, proofread, and then proofread again. Typos in the cover letter are a poor reflection of your organization. A cover letter does not need to be included with most campus proposals to the Louisiana Board of Regents.

Links to sample Cover Letters:
Sample Cover Letters

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