Pass/No Credit Letter to Students 

April 14, 2020


Dear LSUE Students,

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has created significant challenges and disruptions for you during the spring 2020 semester. We are writing to inform you of grading options that will be adopted only for the spring 2020 semester in order to help alleviate and address some of the stress. For the spring 2020 semester, on a class-by-class basis, you will have the opportunity to elect to have your final grades reported on your transcript as the conventional letter grade you earn in the course or as a Pass/No Credit (P/NC) grade.

If you select to have one or more of your classes moved to a P/NC grading framework, those who earn an A, B or a C will receive a “P” on their official transcript and those who earn a D or F will receive a “NC” on their transcript. “P” indicates that the student passed the course and will receive the established number of credit hours, while “NC” indicates the student was enrolled and completed the course, but will not receive credit for it. Neither the “P” nor the “NC” will affect the student’s GPA.

Beginning at 8:00 am on April 20th and until 11:00 pm May 1st, you will be able to go to your myLSUE account and select which courses you want to designate as P/NC. If you prefer to keep the letter grade that you earn in the course, no action is needed. Those who want to change one or more courses to P/NC will need to certify that they understand the implications of doing so. There are potentially significant implications including: negative effects on academic standing, probationary status, financial aid and scholarships, student athlete eligibility, and even graduation. Each student will make their own informed decisions, and we encourage you to seek guidance from your academic advisor, coach, divisional dean, selective program director, and/or financial aid. Additional information on the specific consequences of P/NC will be added to the Registrar’s page.

From May 8th through 11:00 pm May 29th, a student may submit a request to the Office of the Registrar to reverse the election made during the initial time period i.e. a student may elect to receive the grade rather than P/NC or elect to receive P/NC rather than the grade.

Please note that the P/NC option is not available to all dual enrollment students. The Board of Education is providing flexibility (P/NC) only for graduating seniors but the local school district will decide whether to do P/NC. Graduating high school seniors interested in this option should contact Ms. Sondra Cormier, Director of the LSUE Academy and Dual Enrollment.

Again, we truly appreciate that it has been an unusual semester for everyone involved, and we continue to be inspired by the tenacity and creativity exhibited. We wish you the best as we enter the final weeks of this unprecedented semester.