Added Safety on LSUE Campus

April 7, 2020


To our LSU Eunice Community


Kudos to you all for your continued hard work and dedication to our students. We are all rising to the occasion and proving that truly, “Success Starts Here”. As we continue to try to make LSU Eunice the safest it can be during the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to add a few extra safety measures to ensure everyone’s health and well-being.


While our campus is currently shut down except for “Essential Personnel”, we ask that if you must to come on campus to take a few precautions ahead of time. First, please contact your supervisor if you need to make an emergency trip to campus to ensure campus security personnel will be able to assist you with any openings of buildings, etc. We also ask that you take your own temperature before coming to campus. If it exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit do not come to campus and please seek professional medical assistance. And finally, if you do come on campus you may wish to wear some sort of mask or nose and mouth covering in accordance with recent CDC guidance.


I appreciate everyone’s cooperation with these guidelines.  I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend and I look forward to seeing all of us back on campus soon.  




Nancee Sorenson

LSU Eunice Chancellor