Pathways to Success Requirements


Meeting with one's academic advisor at least three times per semester is required of all Pathways students. Advisor visits are assigned points toward a student's grade in the university studies classes (UNIV 1005 and UNIV 0008). A student must also meet with their advisor in order to schedule, add, or drop a class.

Class Attendance

Attendance is mandatory for all class meetings. There is no such thing as an "excused absence" in any Pathways course. Students absent for more than one week of classes will automatically fail the course. Students are, at most, permitted to miss:

  • two (2) classes for a summer course that meets three, four, or five times a week,
  • five (5) classes in a regular semester for a course that meets three times a week,
  • three (3) classes in a regular semester for a course that meets two times a week, or
  • two (2) classes in a regular semester for a class that meets once a week.

Students who miss more than the number of days indicated above will automatically fail the course.  As a result, student are encouraged to schedule doctor's visits and other personal business when they are not schedule to be in class.

LSU Eunice defines attendance as the student being present in the assigned classroom each class period from the time the class is scheduled to begin until the class is scheduled to end. Students who come in after the scheduled starting time or leave before the scheduled ending time can, at the discretion of the instructor, be counted as absent. Please note that makeup work is assigned at the discretion of the instructor. It is the prerogative of the instructor to allow no make up work.


Students who receive a grade below 70% or C- on a major assignment in either English or Mathematics will be required to participate in laboratory instruction for two (2) hours per week until their grades reach 70% (or higher).  Please note that the instructional laboratory is available to all Pathways student at any time, regardless of in-class performance.